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“If you don’t want to be tormented every night, you’d better listen to me.”

After getting lost due to a carriage accident, I was led by a dangerouslooking man into a mansion…

“The moment I see you, I want to do this… slowly and deeply, feeling every embrace.”

Bewitched upon arrival at the mansion, I encountered eerie and sticky gazes and shadows spying on me.

The sweet yet terrifying temptations of the men approaching me have begun.
Despite knowing the danger, I couldn’t refuse these men.

Will ‘I’’, thrown among the mansion’s men with various motives, survive?

[Game Introduction]

“I’m curious about a lot of things, especially about how you might feel.”
The Cheeky, Kellan

“Tell me~ Do you want to see my crying? Huh?”
The Needy, Anis

“You think you know what I desire… and dare to offer me a reward?”
The Gruff, Benett

Storytaco presents an unconventional romance otome game, “Lady in Midnight”, a choicebased game in the fantasy romance genre.

Write your own romance love story in “Lady in Midnight” filled with thrilling twists, secrets, and an attractive universe!

(Caution) Your choices will alter the fate of the characters at every turn.

[Game Story]

“We’ve been waiting for you for ages.”

The curse of the witch that has been passed down through the mansion for ages, to break this bondage, must share a passionate love with the men of the mansion?!
Can 'I' escape the witch's mansion by taking the hand of the man I love?
The secret and dangerous story with these men has already begun.

"Imagine that, being devoured whole, from the tips of your hair to your toes."

[Lady in Midnight’s Charms]
① A thrilling romance story for mature users!
② Endings that change based on your choices! Create your own ending with attractive male characters!
③ Increase your affection with your love interests and collect a variety of romantic illustrations!

[Lady in Midnight Recommended for]
Enjoy femaleoriented otome simulation games set in a witch and cursed doll universe
Want to meet and romance sexy and attractive characters in a romance fantasy otome RPG
Are interested in playing a femaleoriented otome visual novel game set in a romance fantasy
Wish to experience a femaleoriented otome romance simulation in a romance fantasy setting
Desire to see immersive, highquality, intense date illustrations
Want to explore all endings that change based on choices made during intense story play
Enjoy making choices and deciding the direction of the story
Love unraveling the twists of a romance fantasy story set in a witch and cursed doll universe and making critical decisions
Want to meet sexy male characters in a femaleoriented story game set in a witch and cursed doll universe
Enjoy steamy stories with sexy male characters in a witch and cursed doll universe
Seek the thrill of a dangerous thriller and otome romance simulation simultaneously
Want to fall in love with attractive and sexy male characters
Enjoyed playing Blood Kiss
Twisted Lovestruck Enthusiasts

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