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    1. Hi, Woei, That’s very strange. I’m afraid that Nox is not properly installed on your computer. You could go to the installation path C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Roaming\Nox\bin and double click Nox.exe to start it. If this does not work, please reinstall the software.

    1. Hi Jonathan, the adb communication with PC is already enabled by default in Nox App Player. You can find nox_adb.exe which is installed in the same directory as of Nox.exe.

      1. I dont see any devices in the list when using “nox_abd devices -l”. I also tried kill-server and start-server but no helps.

  1. Firstly thanks very much for this well working software, it installed without any problem and started without giving headaches like other similar programs do.

    1) During installation the package asked permission to install some kind of usb drivers, I didn’t install them, but do we need and for what reason?
    2) At the second start up the program stuck at 99%, I simply closed it, restarted and all went good.
    3) Is Android rooted?

    1. Hi, Antony, Thanks for your support to Nox App Player. Here’s the answer to your questions:
      1) the usb driver is designed for support of gamepad and controller. It’s Ok to not install it if you don’t need to use gamepad/controller.
      2) Glad it works on restart. Still we will record this problem and try to eliminate the stuck at 99% situation.
      3) Yes. It is rooted.

      1. Thanks for support.

        Regarding the usb drivers, there should be a mention in the manual.
        I’m quite confident with computers and technology in general so I chose not to install the drivers. I thought that if the program must had them , I could simply reinstall Nox and fix the problem, but many other people wouldn’t have any clue.

        I tried all main similar packages and I was only 60% happy with Bluestacks (all the others have too many problems and troubleshoot this and that) due to its Android limitations and annoying advertising, then luckily you guys came out with the magic wand and Nox!
        I’m 95% happy with Nox because it installs silently without troubles and without asking to install virtual machines which create conflicts with each others, no creating more confusing networks etc. etc.

        Well done guys!

        1. Thanks a lot for your compliment, Antony. Much appreciated^_^ We will take note of your advice regarding the usb driver and slip it in the next version of our user manual.

  2. Измените графическое написание названия на иконке, а то читается не NOX, а ЛОХ.

  3. Barely figured out how to install the game with a cache, a little strange copy / cut files made.

    installed using the installer and did not work, but just unpack and install the driver, it worked)

  4. I tried using this on my windows 10 tablet but it just asks me to put in a password for encryption. The onscreen keyboard will not allow me to put in a password. Does Nox Player even allow users to run this on tablets, and if they do, how could one enter in a password?

    1. Hi, Alonzo, please go to C:\Users\Your Account\AppData\Roaming\Nox\bin\data\system, delete the password.key file and restart Nox.

  5. hello, how to disable pop up notification if i got some new message (bbm, whatsapp) in a bottom-right corner.

    1. Hi, George, Of course you could disable these notifications. Just go to Android settings-Apps-Choose the App which you do not wish to receive notifications and untick the box before “Show notifications”. Let me know if you need further help.

    1. Hi, Alex, is “=” the only key that you cannot type in Nox using keyboard? Does it work to copy and paste the equal sign into Nox?

  6. Hello.
    When i try to run google app store it says “check your connection and try again”
    i created google account just fine and internet browser works ok.
    but i cant acces google play

    1. It’s because of some nox’s activity. Google blocks your new account and tells you about strange account’s activity. Then Google offers you to get secret code via sms and confirm your identity. You can see it when Android asks you to log in into browser.

      Instead of that you can use your main Google account without any problems.

  7. Virtual Location has no effect on the system.

    I set it to a different country, pressed ok at the bottom of the window, then I checked my IP location on the internet browser but it still shows the original place so nothing has changed.
    Am I missing something or the application was not intended for this use?

    1. Hi, Bill, Sorry to hear that. The upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3 in the software should keep all user data. There must be a bug or something that caused your data loss. In future versions, we will also include a backup/restore function. To browse windows files from Nox, please click the “my computer” button on the side bar, choose Export file-Open Local Shared Foler to access windows file folders.

  8. hi nox devs. this app player is definitely the best. where can i give a review? i’ll definitely give a 5 star or two thumbs up. your app works perfectly on an old laptop. asus k52j.

    1. Turn on root mode in Nox system settings and using “My computer” button on the side bar to move your obb data to this foler:sdcard/Android/obb. Hope it clarifies. 🙂

  9. when i try to login to google play i cant seem type my email with keyboard.its there any solution to type alphabet in nox using keyboard?

    1. Hi, Yefta, that is strange. Nox should be able to connect to your keyboard automatically and type in English is no problem. How about copy and paste the text into the required field?

  10. I read that I can turn on/off root.
    I need to turn on root in order to use Cheatdroid but when I launch Cheatdroid, it says that I’m not rooted.
    I already turned root on in System Settings -> General
    Is it somewhere else I have to turn on in order to use Cheatdroid?

  11. downloaded and installed NOX ok, but I can’t update google play services which it is saying I have to do, or actually download any games from the store even though I have set up my Google account. I’ve checked firewall permissions and noticed they are set to allow NOX through.
    All I’m getting is un
    I’m not getting any notification from anti virus etc?
    i’ve checked the App permissions too.
    [RPC:S] is the beginning of the fault code.


  12. I cannot find the file I’m imported using file manager. It show blue icon and 100% but when i click open apk/img/other it didn’t show the file i’m imported.. Can you help ?

  13. I want to issue touch command to certain window of Nox player using adb. How can this be done? Can you give some examples? Thanks!

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