Aether Gazer Tier List & Character Ranking Guide

As Aether Gazer is set to launch its global servers today, we have compiled a list of modifiers that you may acquire when using the game’s gacha feature. It’s worth noting that certain modifiers are more effective when combined with their signature functor, which we have taken into consideration for some modifiers like Tsukuyomi. Additionally, this list is only inclusive of modifiers that will be available in the global version 1.0.

The game has five types of Gen-Zones that players must be aware of: Shinou, Yggdrasil, Olympus, Nile, and Asterism. These zones are crucial during battles as pairing the same type of Gen-Zones provides the team with extra advantages in both Combat and Modified Mode. To receive Modified Mode bonuses, players must combine two Modifiers of the same Gen-Zone. On the other hand, Combat bonuses are obtained by having a full team from the same Gen-Zone.

Aether Gazer Tier List

Tier Modifiers Element Resource Gen-Zone Reason
S Asura Fire Energy Asterism Only Modifier with the time stop ability in the game and can deal huge AoE damage.
Poseidon Ice Energy Olympus Strong AoE damage potential. Can freeze enemies and reduce their ice resistance.
Tyr Light Trace Yggdrasil Has a single target skill that does tons of damage.
Tsukuyomi Lightning Rage Shinou One of the highest-regarded melee DPS in the game. Can be given insane modifiers through her Signature Functor.
Osiris Wind Trace Nile Best choice for DPS in the game, perfect as an AI-controlled member.
Hel Shadow Divine Grace Yggdrasil Top-tier ranged dps with slightly boring gameplay.
Hera Light Energy Olympus Top-tier support through her Attack Buffs. Perfect as an AI companion.
Skadi Ice Divine Grace Yggdrasil Two distinct playstyles, can only deal good damage based on Blue Aether Code.
Leviathan (Countertide) Water Trace Asterism Healer, damage hybrid which buffs allies and can debuff enemies with Signature Functor.
Kunino-tokotachi Physical (Lightning, Fire, Wind) Divine Grace Shinou A very versatile unit that can adapt to different conditions
A Ookuninushi Physical Rage Shinou Great support overall, and can provide tons of buffs/utility. perfect as AI companion as well similar to Hera.
Leviathan Ice Trace Asterism Average damage output, has CC but other characters can do better.
Nuadha (Airgetlam) Fire Divine Grace Asterism Can provide Super Armor to the party which can be useful overall.
Buzenbo Tengu (Shinku) Physical Trace Shinou Average damage but requires less investment to be effective.
Apollo Light Energy Olympus He’s a sniper but deals more damage in melee. Has pretty good critical damage.
Shu Wind Trace Nile High damage potential with a high-skill cooldown.
Tsukuyomi (Sakubo) Shadow Divine Grace Shinou Similar to Shu, has high damage potential with a high skill cooldown.
Vidar Ice Rage Yggdrasil Can improve ice attacks and reduce enemy resistance. Perfect for ice-based teams.
Hodur Shadow Rage Yggdrasil Can increase damage up to 30% thanks to self-buff skill. Relatively short skill cooldown keeping damage consistent.
Kagutsuchi (Ryugiri) Fire Energy Shinou Difficult to use and requires some investment to fully realize its potential.
Sobek Water Rage Nile Is great against certain types of enemies.
B Verthandi Physical Divine Grace Yggdrasil A free character that you get from the start. Pretty low damage output.
Zenkibo Tengu (Surefire) Physical Trace Shinou Free character, and also has relatively low damage output.

Download and Play Aether Gazer on PC

How to Download and Play Aether Gazer on PC with NoxPlayer

  1. Download and install NoxPlayer on your PC
  2. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store
  3. Look for Aether Gazer in the search bar and install the game
  4. Click the icon of Aether Gazer on your home screen to start the game

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