Astra: Knights Of Veda Tier List (2024 latest)

To form a formidable team in Astra: Knights of Veda, it is advisable to select only the most exceptional knights. Presented below is a concise ranking of all the characters to assist you in making your choices.

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Astra: Knights of Veda transports players to the enchanting yet foreboding realm of Planis, where a once tranquil world has been tainted by the malevolent Mad King Magnus. With his dark influence, monstrous creatures now ravage the land, consuming everything in their path. In response, the divine Goddess Veda has intervened, appointing Knights to eradicate the curse and restore Planis to its former glory.

To overcome the Mad King and rescue Planis, it is crucial to fight alongside these mighty Knights. Our comprehensive tier list has been created to aid you in assembling an optimal team, ranking all the available characters in the game.

Currently, characters in Astra: Knights of Veda are classified into two rarities: 5 Stars (Golden) and 4 Stars (Purple). The ranking takes into consideration the level of difficulty in obtaining these characters and the unique contributions they bring to a team.

The table below presents the existing tier list for all characters in Astra: Knights of Veda thus far.

Tier Character Name Rarity (Stars) Description
S+ Edward 5
  • One of the best melee DPSs in the game
  • Deals high AoE damage with the Burn skill
Sansar 5
  • Best melee DPS for early stages
  • Can summon Wolf to help with Single-target damage
Xanthia 5
  • Has great AoE attacks
  • Deals high damage with less resistance
S Atterisee 5
  • Has a decent AoE target
  • Poison Damage is good for high HP fights
Saeya 5
  • Self-sufficient tank that can carry you through the game
  • Has self-healing ability
Arin 5
  • Decent melee DPS for early stages
  • Skill 1 can Stun enemies, while Skill 2 ignores Def.
A Albert 5
  • Best full-tank knight in the game.
  • Has the highest defense but cannot self-heal.
Eliyar 5
  • Deals high single-target damage with Bleed
  • However, she has slightly weaker skills compared to other 5-star characters.
Sarka 5
  • Deals solid ST damage
  • However, she lacks skills, making her the weakest 5-star knight in the game.
Ardor 4
  • Best 4-star DPS in the game
  • Deals amazing ST/AOE damage
Lucian 4
  • Decent Range Healer, good for early stages
  • The only 4-star healer in the game.
Nayan 4
  • Self-healing Melee Attacker
  • Perfect for early game stages.
B Capecchi 4
  • Best DoT of all 4-star knights in the game.
Andrei 4
  • A better version of Liam, with fire powers instead of dark.
  • Decent AoE damage but requires enemies to be in the Damage area.
Marthel 4
  • Deals high damage to water enemies
Rani 4
  • Decent single-target damage; good for early stages.
  • Harder to get upgrades.
Liam 4
  • Decent Melee Attacker
  • Not very damage-oriented.
C Leon 4
  • Available for free
  • Decent stats. Can protect characters at range using Skill 1.
Yanko 4
  • A weaker version of Ardor.
  • Uses Turrets to deal extra damage for the team.
Orlik 4
  • A tank, similar to Leon, but doesn’t have much to offer.

Download & Play Astra: Knights of Veda On PC