Idle Cultivation RPG “Battle Through the Heavens” Officially Launches Today!

We’re thrilled to announce that the idle cultivation RPG, “Battle Through the Heavens,” is now officially available on both the App Store and Google Play! With official animation and authorization, players can delve into a world where they refine pills, tame heavenly flames, customize combat skills, forge bonds with sect friends, and compete alongside millions of players. Embark on an adventure in this combat Qi continent that fulfills all your imaginations! Are you ready to join the adventure?
  • Restore the Classic
Experience the original storyline and strive to achieve the Path to the God of Combats.
“Battle Through the Heavens” faithfully restores the classic storyline, offering an immersive experience that allows you to relive the beloved plot in its entirety!
  • Idle Gaming
Anyone can ascend to god through idle progression.
Enjoy non-stop offline gains, increasing your combat strength and conquering the world with minimal effort!
  • Multi-dimensional Growth
Unlock thousands of combat skills and team up with Heavenly Flames and Monster Pets.
Explore the Flame Mantra and Gear systems, both essential for your growth. With thousands of combat skills at your disposal, along with Heavenly Flames, Monster Pets, and Companions for assistance, whether you’re fighting solo or teaming up with friends, find the perfect combination and relish the thrill of battle!
  • Open Sect
Join forces with sects and friends for mutual support.
The game provides rich Sect gameplay. You can freely establish Sects, recruit talents, and achieve the strongest Sect. Complete Sect Quest, and feed Sect Spirit Animals to acquire plentiful rare resources. Boost training speed by sharing knowledge with Sect friends!
  • Thousands of Battles
Engage in cross-server duels with thousands on-screen.
Participate in competitive gameplay, including friend competitions, Sect connections, and Endless Rivalry across single and cross-server PvP modes. Choose to develop alone or team up with friends for battle!
  • Enjoy 7 Days of Rewards and limited skins for Free!
To celebrate the game’s official launch, “Battle Through the Heavens” has prepared exciting in-game surprises for you. Complete the 7-day sign-in tasks to score valuable in-game items such as the Chasmic Flame of Cyan Lotus and Bone-building Liquid. Additionally, by participating in the event, you can also unlock SSR-Skins for free. Seize this powerful head start!
Embark on a journey from ordinary to extraordinary and shape your destiny! “Battle Through the Heavens” officially launches today! Stay tuned to its official Facebook page for the latest updates on in-game news and events!