Battle Through the Heavens Guide – Beginner Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the introductory guide for Battle Through the Heavens, the game that allows your skills and choices to quickly elevate you from a beginner to a champion! If you’re a newcomer to this game and eager to dominate, you’ve come to the perfect place.

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Embarking on a new gaming adventure can be akin to venturing into an unexplored planet—thrilling yet somewhat perplexing. You may find yourself pondering how to rapidly enhance your abilities, which path to follow, or how to effortlessly overcome formidable opponents. Rest assured, we have all the insider knowledge and expert tips to help you commence your journey on a high note and maintain your winning streak.

We will guide you through the process of choosing between becoming a formidable magical force or a formidable close-range combatant, accelerating your leveling progress with the aid of magic pills, acquiring top-notch equipment, and much more. For the ultimate gaming experience, we recommend playing Battle Through the Heavens on PC with NoxPlayer. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Becoming Powerful

In this game, improving your skills, which we refer to as “practicing,” is incredibly vital. It’s similar to leveling up your preferred character in other games. This process of “practice” enables you to unlock exciting features and boosts your strength in battles.



Choosing Your Path
When you embark on your gaming journey, you have the opportunity to select a unique path for your character: Spirit or Dawki. It’s akin to deciding whether you prefer to be a wizard or a warrior. Each path offers its own distinct skills and magical abilities.

  • At the beginning: You can only choose one path.
  • After leveling up (reaching a milestone called Boxer/Spirit Mirror): Guess what? You have the option to embrace both the ways of a wizard and a warrior if you so desire!

Both paths are equally impressive; it all comes down to your personal preference. Do you enjoy casting spells or showcasing your physical prowess? The choice is entirely yours!

Swift Leveling with Magic Pills
Looking to enhance your strength rapidly? Magic pills are the answer!

  • How to obtain them: You can create these pills by utilizing herbs discovered during your adventures or purchase them from the in-game market or a location known as Jade Pavilion.
  • Tip: Certain pills possess extraordinary power and can significantly boost your level. These are the ones you should aim for! However, be cautious of the white and green pills as they may not offer much assistance.

Remember, the key to progressing in Battle Through the Heavens lies in dedicated practice, selecting the path that resonates with you the most, and utilizing magic pills to expedite your leveling process. Enjoy your gaming experience!

Mastering Battle Skills and Strategies

In this game, your approach to combat holds tremendous importance. Whether you align with Team Spirit or Team Dawki, you are provided with a selection of 12 special moves known as “skills.” However, there’s a catch – you can only choose 6 of these skills to utilize in battle. It’s akin to assembling a superhero team; you must exercise wisdom in your selection to ensure the most effective combination for conquering any challenge.

Enhancing Intelligence and Strength

If you aspire to amplify the potency of your moves in Battle Through the Heavens, it’s crucial to level up your skills. Much like practicing soccer kicks or solving math equations, the more you engage in it, the more adept you become. Playing the Monster Hunt game is an excellent method for strengthening your battlefield intelligence.



  • Shake Things Up with “Reset”

Ever wished you could start anew and experiment with different moves? Well, in Battle Through the Heavens, you can! The “Reset” button allows you to revert all your upgraded skills back to their initial state. This grants you the opportunity to select new skills and bolster your strength, similar to choosing a different ice cream flavor when you’re not satisfied with the one you initially chose.

  • Equip Yourself with “Equipped”

With the “Equipped” feature, you have full control over your battle moves. You can determine which skills to utilize and in what order. It’s comparable to curating a playlist for a road trip, where you aim to arrange the best tunes in the optimal sequence.

Download & Play Battle Through the Heavens on PC

Unlocking Hidden Power-Ups and Resource Management

In Battle Through the Heavens, you have access to a vast array of intriguing items—more than a hundred, to be precise—that can assist you on your journey. Each item possesses unique abilities that can benefit both Spirit and Dawki players. It’s akin to carrying a backpack filled with nifty gadgets and gizmos. However, remember to exercise caution and avoid squandering your upgrades on items that are not aligned with your chosen path.

Unveiling the Vedic Arts

Within Battle Through the Heavens, the Vedic arts serve as your clandestine weapons, each one requiring a specific key to unlock its potential. Visualize each Vedic art as a treasure chest, and your task is to embark on a special quest to locate the corresponding key. Once obtained, you can harness the formidable magic contained within!

Boosting Your Magical Prowess

Do you yearn to amplify the strength of your Vedic arts? You’ll require a resource known as “Vedic Arts Experience.” Consider it as the fuel that powers your magic. You can acquire this mystical fuel by engaging in main quests, earning accolades in stories, and participating in daily or weekly amusing activities.

As you advance your magic to levels 3, 6, and 9, exciting new effects come into play, each one distinct and awe-inspiring. It’s analogous to leveling up in a video game, where you grow stronger and unlock new abilities. Select the magic that resonates with you the most and embark on the journey of mastery!

The Qi Method (Your Fighting Style)

In Battle Through the Heavens, selecting the appropriate Qi Method holds immense significance. Initially, it provides a substantial power boost, but as you grow stronger, its impact diminishes. The key lies in focusing on cultivating your level rather than solely increasing your power. For those who prefer not to spend a significant amount of money, prioritize Qi Methods that facilitate faster growth. Avoid squandering your resources on Qi Methods that do not contribute to cultivation.

Exotic Weapons (Special Weapons)

Not all exotic weapons in Battle Through the Heavens aid in cultivation. However, it is advisable to fully upgrade those that reduce damage. Choose weapons based on whether you prioritize Qi cultivation or another path. Remember, both Soul Power (HP) and Qi (MP) hold significance regardless of your chosen path.

  • Emblem System

The Emblem System allows you to enhance the passive effects of your exotic weapons. To do so, you require special materials obtained from treasure hunts or purchases. Concentrate on enhancing weapons with favorable passive effects.

  • Soul Ascension System

The Soul Ascension System upgrades your exotic weapons and unlocks new effects. You can acquire the necessary materials by spending jewels, purchasing packs, or exploring the Sect Forbidden Area. Endeavor to gather as many materials as possible from the Forbidden Area.


There you have it – your shortcut to becoming a legend in Battle Through the Heavens! Remember, the path to the top is rife with challenges, but armed with these tips and tricks, you are well-prepared to confront them head-on. Choose your path wisely, level up strategically, equip yourself with the finest gear, and refine your strategies. The world of Battle Through the Heavens is expansive and brimming with wonders awaiting exploration and conquest. So, practice diligently, embrace curiosity, and above all, savor the adventure.

Download & Play Battle Through the Heavens on PC