Guide for the Character elements of Honkai: Star Rail! Download and enjoy the game on PC!

Elements for a character are just like a class for them in Honkai: Star Rail. In the game, characters and enemies are assigned one of seven element classes. These elements act as a class for the character and determine their weaknesses and strengths. The element classes include Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Quantum, and Imaginary.

Following are some instructions about the element classes in Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Physical: They are the brutes of the game and inflict additional physical damage through the Bleed effect, causing prolonged damage over time.
  • Fire: They deal devastating damage using the Burn effect, which extends the duration of damage points.
  • Ice: Ice freezes enemies, preventing them from taking action, and at higher character levels, can cause them to miss chances due to the Freeze effect.
  • Lightning: The Lightning class deals additional lightning damage and applies the Shock effect, which results in lightning damage over time.
  • Wind: Wind deals additional wind damage and leads to the enemy harming itself with its own attacks due to the Wind Shear effect.
  • Quantum: The Quantum class uses the Entanglement effect, a special power-up attack that pushes enemies back while dealing damage.
  • Imaginary: the Imaginary class possesses the Imprisonment effect, which slows down opponents’ actions and reduces their movement and attack speed.

Each element introduced above offers different boosts to the stats of characters and gameplay opportunities to the player. During the battle, the game displays a red outline around an enemy if they are at a disadvantage against a particular element during a bottle sequence. Using the elements to exploit an enemy’s weakness will result in extra damage and break through their shield, decreasing their defense stats temporarily.

Breaching an enemy’s shield will also make them weaker and easier to defeat. Therefore, during battle, it is vital to pay attention to an enemy’s element to exploit weaknesses and simplify battles, reducing complexity and allowing for a quicker end to the battle.

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