Honor of Kings Global Release| Map Guide for beginners

Honor of Kings, released on Brazilian servers recently, is a 5V5 MOBA designed to test players’ strategy, skills, and teamwork. As more and more players begin to play Honor of kings without much knowledge about the game, we prepared some guides for beginners about Honor of Kings. And this time, we will talk about one of the most important things that help players to succeed in the game–the map.


Three Lanes Four Quadrant Map

The tree-lane system format is an iconic feature of MOBAs. In Honor of Kings, players have three lanes to choose from, with each containing three towers to defend their base where friendly creeps spawn from, and the jingle area contains neutral monsters for players to hunt down for gold and experience points.  And the map includes two objectives that give buffs to the entire team and two buffs that enhance the player’s attack, ability, and mana regen.

The Lanes

The layout of the lanes and the roles that need to be filled is also critical to the team’s success. You need to understand the different roles in a team to achieve success in Honor of Kings. Here are the positions:

  • Farm Lane – Marksman Carry & Support
  • Clashlane – Tank/Bruiser
  • Midlane – Mid lane Mage
  • Roam/Jungle – Roaming Assasin or Crowd Controller

And here are some tips:

  • You can distinguish the safe lane from the off lane based on the distance between the first and the second towers as the maps in Honor of Kings are mirrored.
  • The longer lane is considered the safe lane, while the shorter lane is the off lane.
  • Note that the off-laner’s main responsibility is to poke the enemy carry and prevent them from snowballing.
  • The off-laner and the carry need to face off against each other to help the team protect its base effectively.

The Jungle Camps

Jungler is one of the roles in Honor of Kings which can be considered the role with the biggest skill requirement in the game. The jungle must learn the jungle camps, which include a total of six neutral monsters per half of the map. And there are two buff monsters that give temporary strength to the players that would defeat them and two more monsters present in the river that gives players gold and experience points.

The Tyrants

The tyrants are the early game objective present in the game. It gives gold, experience, and buffs to whoever kills the tyrant. It is an important objective to prioritize by junglers in the early game. And there are two versions of the tyrant present in the game, the Tyrant and the Shadow Tyrant.

The Overlords

The overlords are the mid-game objective present in the game which gives gold, experience, and push potential to whichever team kills the overlord. As same with the tyrants, there is also a total of two types of overlords available in the game, the Overlord and the Shadow Overlord.

Tempest Dragon

The tempest dragon, considered the end-game monster in Honor of Kings, is the strongest spawning neutral monster in the game and gives huge buffs to the entire team of the player once defeated. The dragon gives a buff that attacks the enemy players just by being around, this ability is strong enough to tilt the tides of battle from a losing position to win the game.

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How to Download and Play Honor of Kings on PC with NoxPlayer

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  2. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store
  3. Look for Honor of Kings in the search bar and install the game
  4. Click the icon of Honor of Kings on your home screen to start the game

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