How to Play FF7 The First Soldier (FF7FS) on PC with Keyboard Control

FF7FS no longer crashes on NoxPlayer!

Play this game on PC with Android 7 64-bit emulator NoxPlayer

Download NoxPlayer (crashing problem solved) 

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How to Download and Play FFVII the First Soldier on PC

  1. Download and install NoxPlayer on your PC: DOWNLOAD THE INSTALLATION PACK HERE (Fixed the crashing issue of the game)
  2. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store
  3. Look for Final Fantasy 7 the first soldier (or ff7 the first soldier, ffvii the first soldier, ffviifs) in the search bar and install the game (if you cannot find the game/or it says version incompatible in Google Play, keep reading for solutions)
  4. Click the icon of FF7FS on your home screen to start the game. If the game crashes, follow the instructions below to add a new Android 7 64-bit instance in Multi-Drive and install the game in the new instance to resolve the issue.



Play FFVII the First Soldier on PC with NoxPlayer (Issues you might encounter)

1. If you’ve already got Nox installed on your PC, you have to install the fix mentioned above to play the game. You have to add a new emulator in Multi-Drive >> add emulator >> add a new Android 7 64-bit emulator >> install the game again in the new emulator instance

2. If you cannot find the game or in the Play Store app it says version incompatible, please clean your Google service cache in your settings >> restart NoxPlayer and look for the game again.

3. If you still cannot find the game after cleaning Google service cache, download the APK of the game, and install it by dragging and dropping the APK to the interface of NoxPlayer. Then you’ll get the game successfully installed.

Check this post for detailed instructions on installing games via APK




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