Lost Light Beginners Tips, Tricks, and Gift Codes

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Join the “Firefly” task force and unveil the sinister plot behind the exclusion zone. Survive the brutal domain where humanity ceases to prevail and danger lurks in every corner! The Action game Lost Light is officially out, keep reading for some useful beginners’ must-know, tips, and tricks. Also, don’t forget to use the codes below to claim free in-game rewards.

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Know more about the 2 types of soldier squads

Lost Light has two types of soldier squads, one is Firefly and the other is Marauder. Interestingly, both squads operate differently and possess unique attributes. Firefly can be played when you first log in to the game whilst Marauder can be unlocked after you reach Level 3 after completing certain tasks.


Firefly soldiers are tasked with invading the Marauder’s territory and extracting valuable items for their survival. When prompted to choose gear before heading to battle, Firefly soldiers can use any type of equipment they want and this can then be customized later on. One of the best attributes of this type is they don’t consume any energy when deployed on the battlefield. But keep in mind, Firefly has no ally on the battleground, you can, and will, get attacked by other Firefly and Marauders.


Marauder is for the skilled players who can survive on the battlefield with any equipment or gear they are provided with. Marauders have allies on the field and the only enemy you need to shoot are the Firefly. The objectives are the same for both the squads, but this type consumes a certain amount of energy during combat. And, during the pre-game lobby, there is no option to choose a loadout as the game randomly grants you one. This type is preferred by those who don’t farm EXP points and only want loot.


Some useful tips and tricks for winning more games

1. Wisely pick your pre-game loadout

Not many map-looting style shooter games allow you to take in loot before the game. Make sure to pick your guns wisely, they should be things you are comfortable using, not just the most expensive ones. Picking up some consumables is useful too, especially the healing items.

Lost Light Loadout

Ammunition is probably one of the must-haves which you should definitely stock on based on what your most-used weapons are. Avoid going all in though, as you can still pick up loot in the match too, and a stacked load-out can prove hard on the budget too. If you aren’t comfortable with your combat skills, try to stick to the basic essentials whilst you improve your skill.

2. Learn the map inside-out

Whatever the map is, it is pretty much essential to learn everything about it. Everything from the loot-spots, spawn points, hidden areas, and the general logistics too. For example, the first map called BAF Factory is quite confined with a lot of crates, ladders, and other typical warehouse objects. This makes combat heavily reliant on close quarters, so shotguns are very useful. On the other hand, in a more spaced-out map, snipers and rifles will be more efficient, as it will be easier to spot enemies in the distance.

3. Fight with intelligence

If you’ve played any battle royale or shooter game before, you will know what this is about. Diving into a battle head-first with no prep is like digging your own grave. Sure you might get away with it every once in a while, but this is never ideal. Try to scan out the area in front of you, get to know where enemies are coming from, and tactically plan out your attacks. Experience will help for this, just play a lot of matches and it should come to you naturally.

4. Healing your enemies

Believe it or not, this is possible. If you are a firefly, you’re technically on your own against other fireflies and a squad of marauders. However, when you down an opponent, there is the option to either finish them completely and send them back to the lobby or revive them. You’ll still be playing against them, but this is supposed to be an act of kindness to promote teamwork amongst the freelance fireflies. It is generally advised to avoid any kind of teaming with other fireflies, mainly because it is really hard to trust someone. There is all the chance that they turn around after you revive them and knock you down instead.

Lost Light, lost light release

Still though, if the golden chance ever comes around wherein you can team with a trustworthy firefly, don’t miss it, since 2 fireflies make an unstoppable force. If you ever be the one being revived by a firefly, do show some respect to the reviver!

5. Manage your health carefully

Lost Light has a very interesting health system. At your lobby base, you can view all your health stats mapped around a diagram of the human body. Players must make sure that all stats are at a sufficient level as otherwise, it can create huge handicaps.

For example, if your legs are in low health, your movement speed may be lower. Another feature is Bleeding, where if you incur significant damage, your character continuously loses blood until the point where you simply just drop dead, or you use a healing item. Make sure to be on top of your health at all times, and anything below full health is never acceptable.


How to Download and Play Lost Light on PC

  1. Download and install NoxPlayer on your PC
  2. Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store
  3. Look for Lost Light in the search bar and install the game
  4. Click the icon of Lost Light on your home screen to start the game