Mythic Samkok Beginner Guide & Tips

Mythic Samkok is an exciting game that takes you on an epic adventure set in the midst of three kingdoms. As you progress through the game’s thrilling story, you’ll encounter challenging opponents that will test your skills. To aid you on this journey, the game offers a recruitment system where you can gather a team of warriors to fight alongside you.

Having the best warriors by your side greatly increases your chances of victory. Speaking of battles, they are automated, allowing you to sit back and watch as your warriors engage in combat and defeat enemies. However, achieving success in the game requires more than just luck. We recommend following these helpful tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay experience in Mythic Samkok.

Completing quests is crucial for your progress

If you’re a beginner in Mythic Samkok, your main focus should be on completing quests. Quests are the easiest way to improve your gameplay because they act as stepping stones that elevate you in the game. Quests are tasks that you can easily accomplish without much effort. Not only do they guide you through the main story of the game, but they also help you become familiar with the different aspects of gameplay.

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So, when you start playing the game, make sure to prioritize and complete the quests given to you. By doing so, you’ll quickly make significant progress and unlock new features that enhance your gameplay experience.

Recruit the Best Companions for an Epic Journey

When embarking on an epic journey in this game, every move you make is important. Taking the wrong steps can be risky, so it’s crucial to recruit the best companions to assist you on your adventure. In this guide, as we mentioned before, we recommend recruiting stronger companions to ensure a perfect and victorious journey.

To recruit companions, go to the recruitment section in the game. You can choose to do a single draw or try your luck with ten draws at once, using the required recruitment currency. Keep in mind that you may not always get the specific companions you desire. The recruitment system in Mythic Samkok operates like a gacha, with different drop rates for each grade or rarity of companions. When you recruit from the system, you’ll randomly receive companions based on these drop rates.

Download & Play Mythic Samkok on PC With NoxPlayer

While the recruitment system has a pity system that guarantees legendary or divine companions at the tenth recruitment, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll always obtain the best companions due to the drop rates. However, don’t worry! We have a helpful tip for efficiently recruiting the strongest companions through rerolling. Instead of using just one account and wasting time, create multiple accounts to increase your chances.

To do this, you can play the Mythic Samkok game on your PC using NoxPlayer and utilize the Multi-Instance Sync feature to create multiple accounts. Once you’ve created these accounts, make sure to use all of them for rerolling, allowing you to quickly acquire the best heroes in no time.

Form a Powerful Team with the Best Heroes

After recruiting the strongest heroes using the method mentioned earlier, it’s time to create your team’s line-up. To do this, access the line-up section by tapping on it, and you can assemble the best line-up using the heroes you have recruited.

When creating your line-up, always include the top-tier heroes with the highest grade. This will enhance the overall combat power of your team and make them formidable. Initially, you can only add three warriors to your team, but as you level up, you will unlock three additional slots to accommodate more warriors. Make sure to fill these slots with warriors of the highest rarity to build the strongest team possible.

Boosting Your Warriors in Mythic Samkok

A great tip for strengthening your squad is to upgrade your warriors. Make sure you don’t overlook this important aspect in order to create a stronger team. To upgrade your warriors’ levels, you’ll need various materials. Once you have these materials, you can increase the warriors’ levels and enhance their power. Each time you level up a warrior, their HP, defense, and attack stats will increase, making them more powerful.

In addition to leveling up, you also have the option to promote the star tier of each warrior. This promotion significantly enhances their abilities compared to before. However, promoting the star tier requires specific items as well. By obtaining these essential items, you can promote the star tier of each warrior and greatly boost their attributes.

Auto-Battles Simplify Everything

Once you’ve completed the main story mode in the Mythic Samkok game, you’ll face various battles that are actually quite easy to handle thanks to the auto option. When you enable auto mode, these turn-based battles can be controlled automatically using AI technology. With auto mode, you don’t have to manually trigger ultimate holy skills; they will be activated automatically when enough burning essence is accumulated.

Because of the convenience of auto-battles, all you need to do is create a strong team with the most powerful warriors. When your team is sufficiently powerful, you’ll effortlessly achieve victory in battles. Simply turn on the auto option, increase the battle speed if you like, and let your characters succeed while you watch their triumph.

Download & Play Mythic Samkok on PC With NoxPlayer