Mythic Samkok Tier List For Best Characters (2024 Latest)

Mythic Samkok is a strategic RPG created by EskyfunUSA, where players can dive into the world of the Three Kingdoms and engage in tactical battles. The game offers a recruitment or gacha system that provides a wide range of characters to assemble your team. With auto-based battles, you can witness the victories of your warriors. To optimize your lineup, you can refer to the Mythic Samkok Tier List to identify the best warriors.

As you progress in the game, you can enhance your character through gameplay, collect various items and skills, and employ different tactics to overcome challenges while expanding your knowledge of the game. Exploring redeem codes for Mythic Samkok can further enhance your gaming experience.

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Mythic Samkok Tier List for May 2024: Best Warriors Ranked

We’ve categorized the existing factions into three tiers for your convenience: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B), making it easy for you to understand each warrior’s potential. After investing considerable time in the game, we’ve created a tier list that takes into account various available warriors.

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Best Meta Warriors in Mythic Samkok for May 2024

In our tier list, our goal is to showcase the top warriors in each faction, including Wei, Shu, Wu, and Han, as shown in the table above. With a wide selection of warriors to choose from, you have plenty of options to deploy in battles, providing a diverse range of choices. Each warrior possesses unique qualities, offering players a great variety of options.

When assessing the available warriors, the selection process ultimately comes down to personal preference. The effectiveness of warriors and factions can vary depending on individual playstyles, which means certain choices may be more valuable to different players.

Best Wei Warrior – Gou Jia

Gou Jia is the ultimate warrior in the Wei Faction of Mythic Samkok. With his mythic-grade status, Gou Jia possesses game-changing abilities that make him a formidable force on the battlefield. Just imagine being able to deal damage to enemy warriors in horizontal rows and having a 50% chance to stun them for a round. This strategic power that Gou Jia brings to your team can truly make a difference. If you’re planning to venture into the Wei faction, Gou Jia should be your top choice for battles. By utilizing his unique skills with some tactical finesse, you can turn the tide in your favor and secure glorious victories.

Best Shu Warrior – Zhuge Liang

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Shu faction, where Zhuge Liang stands out as the hero you should have on your team. As a Mythic-grade warrior, Zhuge Liang possesses impressive skills such as Eight Tactical Arrays, which allows him to deal precise damage to a single enemy warrior and has a 45% chance of casting an astrology effect. Additionally, his second skill, Fall of Seven Stars, extends this impact to three random enemy warriors. If you’re aligning yourself with the Shu faction, Zhuge Liang is the strategic powerhouse you need to ensure a well-rounded and effective team.

Best Wu Warrior – Sun Ce

In the Wu faction, Sun Ce stands out as a remarkable warrior. Imagine this: he has skills like Against the Rebel and Gathering of Predators, which allow him to deal powerful damage and have additional effects on enemy warriors in the back row. But that’s not all! Sun Ce’s third ability, Overlord, comes into play right at the beginning of the battle, giving you an extra advantage. If you’ve chosen the Wu faction, Sun Ce is the warrior who can lead your team to victory. With his dynamic abilities and strong presence on the battlefield, he can help you dominate your opponents.

Best Han Warrior – Lu Bu

For those venturing into the Han factionLu Bu stands tall as the premier warrior. With mythic-grade prowess, his skills like Skywrath and Of Gods and Ghosts deal substantial damage and even cast Burning status on enemy targets. Lu Bu is the epitome of versatility and power in the Han faction, making him the ideal choice for those seeking a formidable warrior to lead their team to victory.

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