One Punch Man: World – Now live! Start an exciting new adventure with thrilling new gameplay!

“One Punch Man: World” is available today (Feb. 1st), offering players a unique and immersive journey as heroes. This 3D multi-platform action game, developed by Perfect World Games and officially licensed by the One Punch Man anime production committee, allows players to experience the full life and battles of their favorite heroes in a faithfully recreated world.

Unleash your curiosity and dive into the world of One Punch Man!
In “One Punch Man: World”, players will enter a hero-filled world, exploring the city, experiencing hero life, and immersing themselves in the unique fighting style of One Punch Man. Get ready for an unparalleled hero experience!

In “One Punch Man: World”, players can dive deeper into the game with the Hero Support Mailbox system. Receive emails from fans, experience the world’s interactions and emotions, and earn in-game rewards.

New gameplay, face tougher foes!
Experience the exhilarating battles of “One Punch Man: World” as you join forces with heroes of different levels to face more powerful enemies. Push the limits and solve all challenges with clever coordination!

To enhance the game’s challenge for hardcore players, “One Punch Man: World” introduces two new battle modes – “Hot Battle! Fierce Battle! Super Intense Battle!” and “Disaster Simulation Battle”. Players can unlock battles by finding “Hot Battle” stalls in various cities and test their skills against extremely difficult bosses. In the Hero Association’s laboratory, players can participate in “Disaster Simulation Battles” to earn stars and compete for the top 200 spots. It’s the ultimate way for hardcore players to prove their strength!

Simultaneous launch, double impact on PC and mobile platforms!

Embark on thrilling battles with “One Punch Man: World” on PC and mobile platforms. Anytime, anywhere, join the hero world and forge your own legend!

Download the game and become a real hero!
Join the epic adventure of “One Punch Man: World”! Download now and become a legendary hero, fighting alongside others in an unforgettable journey. Don’t miss out on this explosive global superhero extravaganza!
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Join us now and step into the world of One Punch Man!
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About “One Punch Man: World”
“One Punch Man: World” is a 3D action game produced under the official authorization of the “One Punch Man” anime production committee. In this game, players have the chance to become the ultimate hero, facing powerful enemies and challenging themselves in a vast heroic world.