Experience The Mystery Box Carnival 2024, A New Main Storyline Chapter, New Playable 6-Star Arcanist, Gameplay Mode, And Pantheon Of Rewards

HONG KONG – FEBRUARY 29, 2024 – Bluepoch Games has announced that Phase One of the free, highly anticipated Ancient Greece-themed update, “The Prisoner in the Cave,” and the Mystery Box Carnival 2024 for time-travel strategic RPG Reverse: 1999 are now available across the App Store, Google Play, and PC. In Version 1.4 Phase One, join Timekeeper Vertin and arcanist companions Sonetto, Regulus, and Liliya on a journey to an undiscovered island unaffected by the “Storm.” Recruit a new playable arcanist – the mathematical genius 37 – and delve into three new gameplay modes. With this launch of the first new chapter to the main Reverse: 1999 storyline, players will also reap plenty of rewards on their odyssey to a familiar yet fascinating new land.

For newcomers, there’s never been a better time to jump into the twentieth century alternate history phenomenon, as Version 1.4 offers them a chance to claim up to 80 free draws and a 5-star character of their choice.

Click to view Reverse: 1999’s gorgeous new animated trailer:

Click to view 37’s new character trailer:

With 19.99 million downloads since launching last October, Reverse: 1999 has topped the App Store and Google Play charts in more than 160 countries including the United States, Canada, Korea, and Japan. On the eve of a new millennium, a “Storm” befell the world. As a Timekeeper, the observer of eras, players witness the twentieth century unravel backwards in time before their eyes.

Featuring breathtaking cinematics, jaw-dropping Ultimates, and full English voice acting comprising a unique array of dialects and accents, Reverse: 1999 ushers in a new generation of anime-stylized RPGs available on mobile devices and PC.

Download and play Reverse: 1999 for free to experience the new main Chapter 5 and Chapter 5 Special storylines today.

Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 Phase One’s features also include:

  • The New 6-Star Arcanist, 37:
    • Players can now summon the clever but absent-minded 6-star Star-type arcanist 37 with the banner “Beyond the World of Matters.”
    • 37 has been obsessed with mathematics ever since she was a little girl. She perceives the world solely in the form of numbers, which means she isn’t quite the best at holding conversation. However, 37’s affection for abstract concepts and ability to share clear insights make her an indispensable scholar among peers.

  • New Gameplay Mode:
    • Explore and solve Reverse: 1999’s first 3D puzzles in “The Three Doors” to win Clear Drops.

  • Tons of New Rewards:
    • Players can claim up to 20 Unilogs and growth materials through two sign-in events, “Treasure in the Suitcase” and “Treasure on the Beach.”
    • Players can also select a free 5-star character of their choice from the general summoning pool in the “Carnival Invitation” event.
    • In the limited-time summon event ”Abundance of the Water – The First Milestone,” players can claim up to seven free daily single summons of 6-star characters like An-an Lee, A Knight, Melania, and Voyager.
    • Players can claim a new limited portrait via the in-game mail system through the “Roaming in Geometry” event.

  • New Events:
    • Clear 37’s character story and the new “Set Sail Again” and “Sealed Records” events to claim growth materials and Clear Drops.
  • New Garments & Wilderness Pack:
    • The new garment series “Between Lines and Numbers” introduces new looks and skill effects for arcanists Lilya, Diggers, Sweetheart, and La Source.
    • Version 1.1’s garments return for a limited time.
    • The new Wilderness Pack “Thoughts of the Sand” is available now.
    • Wilderness gameplay now includes four plan-saving slots, making it easier for players to save multiple sets of plans. Additionally, the Wilderness Island capacity has increased from 120 to 150.

There’s plenty more ancient Greek numerology coming soon with Reverse: 1999’s Version 1.4 Phase Two update next month, including:

  • Two New Gameplay Modes:
    • Take down one big bad after another in the boss rush gameplay challenge “Mane’s Bulletin” beginning March 7
    • Dive deeper into the backstories of characters like Charlie and Oliver Fog with “Anecdote” beginning March 11
  • The New 6-Star Arcanist, 6:
    • Recruit the scholarly hermit and leaderfrom the banner “Seeker in the Cave”
  • New UTTU Flash Gathering, “Wandering on the Shore”
    • Get the free garment of La Source in this new UTTU Flash Gathering

Download Reverse: 1999 today on the App Store, Google Play, and PC to experience Version 1.4’s new main story chapter. Add up the rewards and count them over with a group of steely-eyed stoics via Discord and follow on X / Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and the game’s official website.