CASH Giveaway – Speak Out Your Thoughts! –A collection of NoxPlayer related contents with good prizes!

This is a FB event. Click here to join and win the money!!

Here are the details you may want to know:

>>How to participate:

You will be qualified to win the prizes if following these steps:

  1. write original NoxPlayer related contents with no less than 20 words
  2. post them online
  3. leave the link in the FB comment section


>> Weekly PRIZES:

One people will be chosen randomly per week. The winner will get $15 (actual money!) transferred to your Paypal account directly.


>> Time:

  • 2017.4.6-2017.12.31
  • The first winner will be chosen on 14th, April.


>> The contents (≥20 words) are limited to:

  • Game walkthroughs on NoxPlayer
  • Your user experience of NoxPlayer
  • Why you want to recommend Nox to other people
  • Sincere suggestions on NoxPlayer
  • Tips to fix Nox problems


>> Where you can post the contents on:

  • Facebook & Twitter & Google Plus & Tumblr & Instagram…
  • Game or tech related forums/blogs
  • Or other suitable places



  • No violent and pornographic content is accepted.
  • Your content must be original, related to NoxPlayer and written during the event time.
  • You can only win the prize for at most one time.
  • NoxPlayer team reserves the right to explain the terms of the event.