Command line parameters that Nox App Player supports

Below is a list of command line parameters that Nox App Player supports (in 3.0 and above versions).


Command line parameters Function
-clone:<nox_id> Run designated Nox instance
-apk:<local_apk_path>   [-activity:<package_name/launchable_activity_name>   -param:<start_params>] Install and launch local apk, you could designate the launch activity and paramter
-package:<package_name> Launch an app basing on its package name
-title:<player_name> Set Nox instance name
-lang:[zh-Hans|en|ko|jp] Set Nox language
-locale:<locale> Set Nox location
-screen:[vertical|horizontal] Change screen orientation
-resolution:<resolution> Change resolution
-dpi:<dpi> Set dpi
-performance:[low|middle|high] Set performance
-cpu:<cpu_number> Set cpu allocation
-memory:<memory_in_mb> Set RAM allocation
-root:[true|false] Turn root on/off
-virtualKey:[true|false] Set virtual Key display
-quit Quit Nox

1. Settings related parameters. Setup these parameters when starting Nox to change system settings.

1.1 Name of each Nox instance (the one that shows up at the upper left corner of Nox window)


For example:

Nox.exe "-title:Nox App Player"

Note: don’t forget the space and quotation marks in the parameters

1.2 Language and location

a) Nox system language setting. Nox supports 4 language settings which are zh-Hans: Chinese, en: English, ko: Korean, jp: Japanese,


b) Location setting


For example:

Nox.exe -lang:en -locale:sg

1.3 Screen display settings including orientation, resolution and dpi.

a) Screen orientation: horizontal (Tablet), vertical(Phone). Nox will auto-adjust to proper size, resolution and dpi depending on the PC screen resolution.


For example:

Nox.exe -screen:vertical

b) customize resolution


For example:

Nox.exe -resolution:1440x900

c) customize dpi


For example:

Nox.exe -resolution:1440x900 -dpi:270

1.4 Performance settings.

a) Performance setting has three options which are low, middle, high


For example:

Nox.exe -performance:high

b) Customize CPU and RAM allocation to Nox. You have to set both parameters at the same time. Only set up one won’t take effect. If VT is not enabled in your PC, you will only be able to set 1 cpu and 2048 MB memory at the maximum.

-cpu:<cpu_number> -memory:<memory_in_mb>

For example:

Nox.exe -cpu:1 -memory:1024

1.5 Root. Choose to allow or prohibit Android system to be rooted.


For example:

Nox.exe -root:false

1.6 Virtual Key display setting. Choose to show or hide the three virtual keys of Android system.


For example:

Nox.exe -virtualKey:true

1.7 Change IMEI


For example:

Nox.exe -imei:864394100050568

Note: this one is only applicable in Nox version 3.1. Please quit Nox before changing IMEI using command line.

1.8 Change mobile manufacture and model



For example:

Nox.exe -manufacturer:google
Nox.exe -model:Nexus5

Note: This one is only applicable in version 3.1 and could only be changed when Nox is not running.

2. Install and launch app

If Nox is not started, install/launch app command will be executed after Nox is on. If Nox is on, the install/launch app command will be executed directly.

2.1 Install and launch local apk

-apk:<local_apk_path>   [-activity:<package_name/launchable_activity_name>   -param:<start_params>]

For example:

Nox.exe "-apk:C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\tmp\apk\jeten.apk"
Nox.exe "-apk:C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\tmp\apk\test.apk" "" "-param:-e param_name1 param_value_1 -e param_name_2 param_value_2"

2.2 Launch app basing on package name.


For example:


3. Nox control parameters. Control Nox after it’s started.

3.1 Quit Nox.


For example:

Nox.exe -quit

4. Multiple instances settings

-clone:<nox_id> clone designated Nox instance. Nox id are Nox_x, for example: Nox_0, Nox_1 … Nox_32 …etc.

This command line could be combined with other parameters to control and setup different Nox instances.

For example:

Nox.exe -clone:Nox_1
Nox.exe -clone:Nox_2 -resolution:1440x900 -dpi:270 -performance:high -root:false
Nox.exe -clone:Nox_2 -quit
Nox.exe -clone:Nox_3 "-apk:C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\tmp\apk\jeten.apk"