Fantastic Food Personified RPG “The Tale of Food” Officially Launches!

The Tale of Food, a popular fantastic “Food Personified” RPG adventure game which has been released in Mainland China and other regions, now is available on Google Play and App store in Malaysia and Singapore! Limited characters SR “Bak Kut Teh” and SSR “Black Pepper Crab”  are only specially for these regions.

  • Unique Story

In the Tale of Food, as the child of Food God Yizhi, the player would embark on a journey from Kong Sang, a place in which the player was born, traveling through all time and space to reunite the food souls who lost their memories since the ancient book “The Tale of Food” which carries their contracts was torn.

  • Fantastic Gameplay

-Collect 70+ unique characters from the Eight Great Traditions

Through Live 2D technology, characters come to life with charming voices that were brought by Chinese A-list voice actors.

-Explore a fantastic adventure through all time and space

Start a journey to unlock hundreds of stories adapted from Chinese folk tales. DIY more plot with creativity and imagination and share them with friends!

– Manage your dream World and Have more fun in The Tale of Food!

Assign your characters to manage your own farm and restaurant. Start the endless fun by customizing and decorating the house for Food Souls!

  • Exquisite Rewards

To celebrate the game launch and pre-registration reaches 150,000, all players will be able to obtain specific SR “Bak Kut Teh” and luxury rewards for free! SSR character “Shi Li Yin Xing”  could be obtained after completing the new-player mission! Download right now and start your fantastic journey in “The Tale of Food”!

Download The Tale of Food on Your PC