Grand Chase Crashes upon Startup after the Latest Update on NoxPlayer

2021/1/17 Update: The crashing issue is now fixed for all Android systems.

Please restart NoxPlayer and retry. If it’s still not working after rebooting Nox, please uninstall the game and reinstall it to test if it works.

Note: Long-press the app icon to uninstall it.


If it’s still not working, follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

Hi guys, if you’ve encountered the crashing (upon startup) issue of Grand Chase after its recent update, no worries, you could resolve this temporarily by switching to the Android 9 version of NoxPlayer. The game currently crashes on Android 7 32-bit and 64-bit and our devs are already working on it. Follow the steps below to switch to Android 9 and install the game again on the new emulator instance.

1. Open Multi-Drive on your toolbar >> 2. click add emulator >> 3. add a new Android 9 emulator instance.

And then launch the new emulator, install the game again on the new emulator and you’ll get it running as usual.

Click the “run” button to run the new emulator:



If you cannot find an Android 9 system listed in the window of Multi-Drive, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version of NoxPlayer. Follow the steps below to upgrade Nox

1. First, link your game(s) to your Google, Facebook, or any social media account(s) (please do not uninstall the emulator directly without account-binding or you will lose your important in-game data)

2. Make a backup of the original 64-bit emulator data

3. Get the latest version of NoxPlayer installed. (Find the installation pack on our website)

4. Import your data in Multi-Drive

How to add Add Multi-instances?

How to backup and import data?