How to enable the high performance NVIDIA graphics card

For computers with both Intel integrated graphics card and a discrete NVIDIA graphics card, you can change your settings so that the discrete graphics card will be used for improved performance.

1. Right-click on your Windows desktop, then click NVIDIA Control Panel from the context menu.


2. Go to Manage 3D settings—Global Settings tab as shown in the below screenshot, in the drop down menu of Preferred graphics processor, choose the High-performance NVIDIA processor. Then click “Apply” at the bottom right hand side of the window.


Or, if you only want to active the higher performance graphic card for a specific software, which is Nox in our case, you could keep the default settings under the Global Settings tab, go to the second tab Program Settings instead, click the drop down menu underneath “Select a program to customize” and click “Nox App Player” (if Nox is not listed do not worry, as you can add it to the list manually. To do so simply click the “Add” button, and navigate to your “Nox App Player” folder, find “Nox.exe” icon and double click it).

Then in the drop down menu of “2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program”, choose “High-performance NVIDIA processor”, as always, don’t forget to click “Apply” at the bottom right hand side of the window.

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