How to fix system VT occupied by another progress (Error 1019)

Error message “System VT occupied by another progress”

VT Occupied       

Solutions 1: If you are using Bitdefender, please refer to this post to fix: Or uninstall Bitdefender and restart your computer.

Solutions 2: If you are using Avast, please disable its hardware-assisted virtualization function:
1) Open Avast anti-virus >> Settings >> Troubleshooting
2) Uncheck the Enable hardware-assisted virtualization, and then reboot your computer

Solutions 3: While VT is enabled, using Nox and antivirus like Avast or Bitdefender at the same time may have conflicts. If you want to continue using the antivirus, we suggest you enter BIOS when starting up your computer and disable VT. You could refer to this post: Enable VT and change enable to disable in BIOS settings.