How to Import the Keyboard Configuration to the New Emulator

When you wanna create a new emulator or use a different PC to play mobile games, you may be afraid of the data loss. Actually, NoxPlayer allows to export the keyboard configuration and import the saved key-settings to the new emulator, there are several steps:

1. Click keyset on the toolbar and open the file of the keyboard settings for the related game.

   2. Take the game: 【Girl’s Frontline】 as an example, then you will find the keyboard configurations in your computer, like com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en.

   3. Copy and paste the total file with the resolution to your computer, and remember the original restore path: Local>Nox>keyboardConfig,you can directly searchkeyboardConfig】in your C drive.

   4. Copy the file with the resolution like 1600 to the corresponding file: 【keyboardConfig】and then run the new emulator. and you will find the saved key-set you used before.