Play Last Shelter: Survival on PC with NoxPlayer

Last Shelter: Survival, an open-world building and strategy game with a theme of zombies, allows players to find friends and build a base to defend the enemies. In the game, you will experience to build your own base and protect the survivors!

Tips for Playing Last Shelter: Survival on PC with NoxPlayer

1. Players need to utilize the resources and build every necessary base to help more survivors and protect them from the zombie.

2. Except for resources, players need to make or remove roads to make construction teams enter the base.

3. Remember to keep enough food and water in the ration truck so as to keep the population growing.

4. Build the hero hall to recruit different kinds of heroes to help you protect the survivors.

5. The key is to complete the daily masks and get more rewards to upgrade your building. Utilize all resources reasonably.

How to Download Last Shelter: Survival on PC  with NoxPlayer

  1. Download NoxPlayer
  2. Click Tools👉Google play👉Sign-in Google account
  3. Install Last Shelter: Survival on PC