How to Remove Ads on Android Emulator (NoxPlayer)?

Hey guys, if you want to know how to remove ads on the Android emulator. Participate in the Check-in Event! Win the Ad-free Premium! Keep reading 🙂

Please kindly note that “Check-in” in the below context means starting NoxPlayer.

How to Participate in the Event?

Event Date: 7/28/2022 – 8/11/2022

Event Rules:

  1. Update to the latest version (V7032).
  2. Check-in for 3 days in a row >> Get a one-day Remove Ads Reward!
  3. Check-in for 7 days in a row >> Get a five-day Remove Ads Reward!
  4. The event will start again if you have checked in for 7 days in a row and received the rewards.

What should I pay attention to?

  1. The check-in days and the rewards will be reset if you interrupt starting NoxPlayer during the period of check-in. So please receive the rewards in time 🙂
  2. Please receive the rewards during the event date.
  3. If you have an Ad-free Premium, the reward days will be added to your premium days.


What’s the Ad-free with NoxPlayer Premium?

Click here

How to Receive the Rewards?

  1. Click receive rewards icon.
  2. Please enter your Gmail account >> Receive
  3. Receive successfully.