Marvel Snap March Survey | Something big is coming soon for the fans…

If you are a fan of  MCU and are playing Marvel Snap, a digital collectible card game featuring a collection of different characters from the Marvel Universe, you may have noticed one survey called “March Survey” for the players in the news section.

You will miss some important information if you treat this survey as a normal questionnaire when you see the basic information that is required to be given at first. But if you scroll down a little, you can witness something more that indicates something big is coming soon when they start to ask you about things they’re considering adding and they want to know how you’re interested in these adding parts.


Here is the list of the things that Marvel Snap thinks are important to know about the perspective of the player through this survey:

  • Customizable avatars

-Different frames for the avatars

-Animation for the backgrounds

  • Voice for avatars 

-Special intro lines from your character as you enter a battle and win or lose

  • Unique emojis 

-In addition to the existing emojis, you can unlock new ones in the shop

  • New tables for the game

-Something more like Hearthstone in which you can change up the stage.

  • Sharable decks 

-Other people can view your collection to see your various variants.

  • Visible leaderboard ranks 

-Allowing people to see your win/lose ratio, your collector’s level, your current season rank along with what cards you frequently tend to use.

  • 2v2 battle concept 

-Allowing 2V2 battle in the game

  • Full detail of the character card

-You can look at the card and then read about the characters.

  • About Clan formation 

-They’re considering adding clans in the game.

  • More space for cards in the Collection mark

-You can use collector’s tokens to buy cards from one slot at a time to three slots.

Marvel Snap gets this information from the players themselves so that they can provide the best experience to the players while they are on their journey through the Snapverse.


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