Diablo Immortal’s Third Major Update Brings Clan-Based Tower Defense And Cursed Items

Diablo Immortal’s Age of Falling Towers update is right around the corner, and it will introduce a tower defense-inspired mode that will have the game’s various clans duking it out for supremacy.

As detailed by Blizzard in a new blog post, Accursed Towers is the name of the new PvE/PvP mode coming to the mobile ARPG on March 30 for players in Americas and March 29 for the rest of the world. Each season, clans can attempt to claim and hold up to two towers (though each clan can only control one tower the first week of the season). These towers grant powerful rewards and bonuses to clan members in control of them, but to conquer a tower, clan members must first duke it out against the forces of hell in a unique PvE battle. Clans will race to conquer as many Cursed Shards from defeated enemies as possible in order to claim victory.

But conquering a tower the first time around is just the first step. Demons will periodically rise up, and clan members will need to defend their tower or else risk losing it. There is, however, a way to prevent demonic incursions. Clan leaders have the option of powering up claimed towers, which increases the rewards that tower provides. The catch is that doing so essentially turns the game mode from PvE to PvP, after which other clans can challenge those in control of towers to direct PvP battles.

One of the main appeals of Accursed Towers are the new Cursed Legendary items that are awarded from participating in both PvP and PvE within the mode. These items come with both positive and negative properties attached, but players will need at least two Cursed items equipped in order for the properties to activate. Having more Cursed items equipped with the same positive properties will increase the positive properties’ effects.

Though Accursed Towers is the main draw of the new update, there’s plenty of other additions coming as well. A new pirate-themed dungeon, Dread Reaver, will be accessible for those who have reached a certain point in the game’s main story and have unlocked Hell V difficulty. An additional Elite quest chain will also be introduced, which will have players teaming up with a mysterious mage to explore the Astral Realm.

The update additionally adds three new Legendary gems, a new damage-over-time-focused dungeon set, a limited-time recruit-a-friend event, the Ashes of Antiquity limited-time event, and an increase to the rewards and experience providing by the vast majority of Diablo Immortal’s various activities. In a nice quality-of-life change, come the update, players will have the ability to hide their helmet when using various cosmetic sets.

Diablo Immortal caused controversy upon release last summer for its various microtransactions, but has continued to receive frequent updates, like in February, when Blizzard introduced fishing to the world of Sanctuary. Many of Diablo Immortal’s systems, like world events, world bosses, hub towns, and the ability to see other players while exploring the game’s world, are also present in the upcoming Diablo IV. However, Blizzard has confirmed that players will not be able to spend real money to make their characters more powerful in Diablo IV, though it will feature a cosmetic-focused battle pass and a cosmetic store.

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