PUBG: Battlegrounds Brings Back Big Chicken And Adds Zombies For April Fool’s Day

While it may be the Lone Survivor character’s dream, a new mode for PUBG featuring zombies, exploding apples, and a humongous chicken is very real. It’s called Bizarre Battle Royale and available in the game through April 10.

Bizarre Battle Royale is the latest April Fool’s Day mode for PUBG, marking the fourth year in a row the game has celebrated the holiday. This time, players can take down zombies to gain OP coins that can purchase OP items, like a sensory booster to see enemies through walls. There’s also a gigantic chicken stomping around that can cluck out fire like a dragon. Cutting the creature down to size can also lead to OP items too.

Players who drop into the Bizarre Battle Royale mode once will receive a Bizarre Survivor Emblem. Parachute into the special timed event five times or more, and the game will give you a Hunter’s Chest/Key.

The three previous April Fool’s Day modes for PUBG were: Fantasy Battle Royale in 2020, POBG in 2021, and Monster Chicken Royale in 2022. Earlier this month, PUBG celebrated its sixth anniversary with a slew of stats. For instance, over 150 million people have played the battle royale game.

Looking ahead, PUBG’s future could possibly include a new engine and mods.

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