Diablo Immortal Is Improving Rewards For Premium Battle Pass Owners

Those willing to spend a little cash in Diablo Immortal will soon find the game’s paid battle pass options more rewarding.

Diablo Immortal’s latest update is set to arrive on April 12 in the Americas and April 11 in the rest of the world. As detailed by Blizzard, it will brings adjustments to the game’s Empowered and Collector’s battle pass rewards, along with a new battle pass to progress, improvements to battleground matchmaking, and new limited-time events.

Those who purchase one of the game’s premium battle pass options going forward will be rewarded with three normal gems each at ranks 5 and 35. In addition, the powerful two-star Legendary gem Fervent Fang will be granted at rank 20, and will replace the one-star Legendary Gem Seled’s Awakening that was previously awarded at ranks 5, 20, and 35.

Players purchasing the Collector’s Empowered battle pass (essentially a more expensive, upgraded version of the premium Empowered battle pass) will get even more rewards starting with this update. Collector’s Empowered battle passes will additionally reward a new currency called Battle Archive Coins at certain ranks, which can be exchanged for additional gems, cosmetics, and other items featured in previous seasonal battle passes. The items available in the Battle Archive shop will rotate with each season. It does not appear that any changes are coming to the game’s free battle pass.

The update additionally looks to improve the PvP battleground experience. Blizzard has sought to optimize matchmaking while also punishing those who queue-dodge. Those who repeatedly cancel matchmade games will be unable to participate in battlegrounds for five minutes and will now receive an in-game warning message.

For those who frequently retool their Paragon Points, this new update should make it much easier to do so. Blizzard is removing a seven-day timer associated with resetting Paragon Points, and Paragon Point builds will also become part of saved loadouts in the Armory, allowing players the ability to more easily switch between builds.

“After analyzing player behavior, and given our desire to equip players with increased flexibility in how they play their character, we concluded that letting players reallocate their points at will proves to be more fun while still retaining balance,” Blizzard writes in the patch notes.

Two limited-time events will be arriving in Diablo Immortal in the near future as well in the form of the Shady Stock and Into the Dark Wood events. Both will see players completing daily tasks in exchange for random Legendary items and other rewards.

Diablo Immortal’s previous update introduced an entirely new PvE/PvP game mode to the free-to-play RPG in the form of Accursed Towers. Blizzard is also looking to add more non-combat focused activities to the world of Diablo Immortal, having already added fishing in an update earlier this year.

In other Diablo news, seasons in Diablo III will soon start to repeat. Meanwhile, the next entry in the series, Diablo IV, recently concluded what Blizzard called the biggest beta in the franchise’s history. Diablo IV is set to arrive on June 6, and though it will feature a battle pass and seasons similar to that of Diablo Immortal, it will not allow players to become more powerful by spending money.

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