Oxenfree 2, The Queen’s Gambit Chess Lead Netflix Games Summer Lineup

After launching Mighty Quest Rogue Palace in collaboration with Ubisoft–and confirming over 100 games are in development for the service–Netflix Games has announced the next slate of games coming to Netflix mobile apps, a list which includes its first-ever first-party title: Oxenfree 2

Oxenfree 2 launches July 12 for consoles and PC, as well as exclusively via Netflix on mobile. The game is set five years after the end of the first game, and it follows a brand-new cast and story. This is Netflix Games’ first in-house release since the service began, which comes after the company purchased Oxenfree developer Night School in September 2021.

The next licensed Netflix game is also coming in July, as The Queen’s Gambit Chess will join the service July 25. The game naturally focuses on playing chess, but it also features characters and locations from the Netflix series, as well as puzzle-solving away from the chess board.

Netflix Games’s summer lineup also includes the following:

  • Cut the Rope Daily (August 1)
    • A new version of the classic mobile title that will feature the full Cut The Rope experience, as well as a new daily puzzle to solve. This version is exclusive to Netflix Games.
  • WrestleQuest (August 8)
    • Announced by developer Mega Cat Studios last week, the mobile version of the upcoming pro-wrestling-themed turn-based RPG will be exclusive to Netflix Games.
  • Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed (“Coming Soon”)
    • A Lego-themed RPG where players collect and battle with over 50 minifigures, including Hot Dog Man, Princess Argenta, and more. This game is exclusive to Netflix.
  • Paper Trail (“Coming Soon”)
    • A top-down puzzle adventure set in a world made of paper. Players will fold elements of the world in order to make pathways and solve puzzles. The mobile version of Paper Trail is exclusive to Netflix Games, but it will also launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

All Netflix games are available via the Netflix mobile app on both iOS and Android devices. All games under the Netflix Games umbrella can be downloaded for free with a Netflix subscription.

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