Hearthstone “Titans: Fall of Ulduar” Mini-Set Adds Game-Changing Effects

For the first time in Hearthstone history, the classic CCG game modes are getting their own set of randomized rule variants to make every match play differently. The new mini-set for the Titans expansion, Fall of Ulduar, will add dozens of new cards as usual, but this time there will also be limited-time Anomalies in the mix.

Anomalies were recently introduced to the Battlegrounds mode, as this season’s new element–similar to Buddies and Quests in the past. With the new mini-set expansion, Anomalies will apply to Standard, Wild, Arena, and Twist games. Like in Battlegrounds, you’ll see the Anomaly prior to the mulligan phase, so you can plan around the randomized rule set.

Randomness ties into the story theme for the mini-expansion, as the set centers around the new Yogg-Saron, Unleashed. Yogg is a fan-favorite card that has always introduced random elements to battle throughout its many iterations in various game modes. A limited-time questline called The Great Yogg Escape will let you earn extra rewards.

In addition to the Anomalies, the mini-set will add a new element to the newly-launched Twist mode. The October season of Twist will start on October 1 and usher in the Wonders XL ruleset. This is like the current Wonders format, but you can build your deck to include anywhere between 30-40 cards, and your health will match your card pool.

Fall of Ulduar will add 38 new cards to the Titans card pool. As usual for a mini-set, you can either find the new cards in Titans packs, or purchase the full set for $15 or 2000 Gold.

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