iPhone 15 Pro Can Plug Into A Monitor For Gaming, And It Looks Good

The iPhone 15 Pro could be the next “best gaming console,” at least according to Apple. The tech giant claims that it will come with the fastest processor in the smartphone market at the time of its release, which should help it run graphically challenging AAA games like Death Stranding. However, the iPhone 15 Pro’s ability to connect to an external display also has an allure to it–iPhones could already do that in the past, but the increased power on this device makes it a more exciting proposition.

Gaming sessions don’t have to stay on a tiny handheld screen. The iPhone 15 Pro’s USB-C port essentially enables users to treat their phones like a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, where they can connect their consoles to an external monitor. Content creator Vadim Yuryev brought attention to a Chinese YouTuber testing the new device and shared the results on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“HOLY SMOKES! For some reason I didn’t think about this when Apple mentioned the iPhone 15’s external monitor support thanks to USB-C, but you can now play games at impressively high quality using an external monitor and game controller,” Yuryev posted. “Apple legit just made a gaming console!”

In an interview with IGN, the team also confirmed that the iPhone 15 Pro supported up to 4K HDR video output.

“So yes, the iPhone can connect to these 4K displays, and it can drive them externally doing whatever you do on the phone, including gaming to these other displays,” said Jeremy Sandmel, Apple’s Senior Director of GPU Software. However, he noted that the resolution and frame rate are going to “highly depend on what the game’s actually doing.”

You can preorder the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro now from Apple’s official website and major retailers.

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