Zombies Return To Call Of Duty Mobile In Season 9: Graveyard Shift

Activision announced the major details for Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile, and the big update is themed for the upcoming spooky season. Players can expect new multiplayer modes, a new submachine gun to unlock, and the return of Zombies.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9: Graveyard Shift arrives on October 4 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. This new season includes a brand-new battle pass with 50 tiers of free and premium items, including new operator skins, weapon blueprints, CoD Points, and various cosmetics.

Highlights of the Graveyard Shift battle pass include a new perk and submachine gun. The new Launcher Plus perk is unlocked at tier 14 of the free pass, and it adds two extra reserve ammo and provides a 20% chance to immediately earn any scorestreak eliminated with the equipped launcher. At Tier 21 of the free pass, players can unlock the CX-9, which is a submachine gun described as having excellent maneuverability and a fast fire rate.

The premium pass includes Halloween-themed operator skins for Portnova and Misty, holiday-themed weapon blueprints for the CR-56 AMAX, M4, and Kilo assault rifles, and a blueprint for the new CX-9 submachine gun.

Zombies is a mode that comes and goes in Call of Duty Mobile, and it’s making a big return for the holiday season. For the first time ever, players can choose between both Zombies Classic mode and Undead Siege. Both modes will return together with new challenges, classes, rewards, and a balance update.

For multiplayer, Standoff and Hacienda are both decorated with a holiday-themed makeover. These spooky variant maps will be in a featured playlist with a variety of game modes.

Haunted Hacienda map
Haunted Hacienda map

Season 9 adds Patrol, which was originally introduced in Call of Duty: Vanguard, and the mode challenges players to capture and control a single point called the Patrol Zone that moves around the map. Players score points by standing in the Patrol Zone, and if a zone becomes contested by an enemy player, the team with more players on the objective will continue to earn points towards the win.

Additionally, the update brings new maps and props to Prop Hunt, including new rules and mechanics that alter the human and prop interaction from round to round, such as props pretending to be humans or using a Heartbeat Sensor to detect props.

Graveyard Shift adds three new events. The Fright Factory event lets players earn “Pumpkin Candy” lottery tickets for completing challenges in multiplayer and battle royale, which can be used to claim milestone rewards.

Spectral Smackdown sounds like a minigame of whack-a-mole, but players will try to whack a ghost in this festival game featuring a board with nine holes. The game is played by using energy earned from completing daily challenges, and players will attempt to hit ghosts for points. The total score at the end of each round is used to earn milestone rewards.

Lastly, the Team-Up Rank Shield event is coming to competitive Ranked Play. During the event, players won’t lose Rank XP if they lose the match. Activision says this XP protection isn’t unlimited, but it should help players level up without the worry of losing gains along the way.

As always with seasonal updates, players can expect additional content and quality-of-life improvements with Season 9, including new seasonal challenges, store bundles, and more.

In other news, the final season just arrived to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone. Call of Duty Season 6 brings a Spawn-themed battle pass, new multiplayer maps, and three new weapons.

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