Invincible’s Omni-Man Has His Butt Nerfed In New Fortnite Skin

With Invincible Season 2 releasing this month alongside Mortal Kombat 1 introducing Omni-Man to its roster of fighters, it seems more Invincible cameos are on the horizon. Fortnite’s next battle pass, expected in December, is said to also include the villain according to a recent leak, but fans have been quick to point out a flaw in Fortnite’s depiction of the comic book character.

According to some, Omni-Man’s Fortnite model has been nerfed. Specifically, his butt is much flatter in Fortnite than it is in the series and in Mortal Kombat 1. Twitter/X user DewEnjoyer did well to highlight the differences between Mortal Kombat 1’s Omni-Man character and Fortnite’s Omni-Man skin.

Omni-Man’s normally thick, large, and muscular butt is shown to be extremely flat in the Fortnite leak. Essentially, Omni-Man is being “nerfed” to many onlookers. Many social media users are replying with jokes and comments including the classic Godfather GIF, “Look how they massacred my boy,” as well as things like “[Fortnite] has stolen his butt.”

Even a video has been released with Omni-Man’s Fortnite model using an emote that allows him to squat. Even in motion, Omni-Man has very much had his butt nerfed.

With the uproar from countless fans and commentators on social media, it’s unclear (though unlikely) whether Epic will attend to the size of the baddie’s behind. Be sure to check out our Invincible Season 2 review, where Omni-Man remains adequately caked up.

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