PlayStation Makes Deal With Huge Company To Expand Beyond Console

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a deal with NCSoft–known for the MMOs Lineage and Guild Wars–in which the two companies will “collaborate in various global business fields,” including mobile.

In a statement, Sony said the two companies are now evaluation “a range of potential opportunities” for “strategic synergy.” Specific financial terms of the deal or other particulars of the pact were not disclosed.

NCSoft CEO Taekjin Kim said the deal with SIE will lead to “new and enjoyable” experiences, though no specific projects were named outright. Outgoing SIE CEO Jim Ryan said the deal will help SIE “expand beyond console and broaden PlayStation’s reach to a wider audience.”

“We’re excited to collaborate to push the boundaries of gaming further,” Ryan said. This might be one of Ryan’s last big deals, as he’s set to exit the company in 2024.

SIE doesn’t have a massive footprint in the mobile game space, and partnering with NCSoft for mobile projects would potentially be a way to do more. For its part, Microsoft has said one of the reasons it bought Activision Blizzard was to get into the mobile game market.

SIE is making this deal amid a time of reported upheaval within the company. One of the company’s most important people, Connie Booth, recently left the company. She was reportedly fired, having supposedly taken the heat for Ryan’s alleged mandate that the company needs to make more live-service games. The supposed mandate did not resonate well with Sony’s development teams, a report said, and now Sony is scaling back its live-service plans.

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