Turtle Beach’s New Xbox Controller Has Some Very Unique Features

Turtle Beach has unveiled the Stealth Ultra Controller–a premium wireless gamepad for Xbox, PC, and Android arriving on December 15. It’s built to be an alternative to the Elite Series 2, and it offers some features you won’t find anywhere else, including a built-in display that lets you customize your settings and even receive social media notifications. Very few third-party Xbox controllers offer wireless support, with the Stealth Ultra being the first high-end competitive controller to cut the cord. Preorders for the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra are live now at Amazon.

The Stealth Ultra supports Turtle Beach’s unique audio enhancements found in the more budget-friendly Recon controller. When connected to any headset via a 3.5mm audio cord, you’ll gain access to Turtle Beach’s “Superhuman Hearing” tech that pinpoints sounds as well as general audio features like EQ adjustments and game/chat mix.

Your purchase comes with a USB 3.0 charging dock too, though Turtle Beach says the controller offers up to 30 hours of runtime before needing a break. You can charge the controller to full battery in just two hours. The charging dock is equipped with a USB port for the controller’s wireless dongle.

Other perks include a carrying case (you can charge it while it’s in the case), four swappable thumbstick caps, and a USB-C to USB-A cable. The Stealth Ultra is an officially licensed Xbox controller that will also work with PC with the same features. It also supports Bluetooth on PC and Android with a companion app.

The built-in display helps differentiate it from the competition. Having the ability to adjust your settings directly from the controller is a big selling point–and it doesn’t hurt that the display can also sync with social media to push messages to you while you’re gaming. Alternatively, you’ll be able to adjust your settings. using Turtle Beach’s Command Center 2 companion app on Xbox, PC, and mobile devices.

If you don’t want to wait until December 15, the Elite Series 2 remains a fantastic for anyone seeking a pro-style controller. And if you want to save a bit of cash, you can step down to the Elite Series 2 Core, which offers the same premium feel of the Elite Series 2, minus all the swappable components.

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