Elden Ring Mobile Version In The Works At Tencent – Report

A mobile version of Elden Ring is reportedly in development at Tencent, but don’t expect to see it on your smartphone for a long time.

According to Reuters, Tencent has been working on adapting the Souls-like for mobile devices but progress has been “slow” so far. It’s claimed that a few dozen people have been working on the prototype and that the project is inspired by Genshin Impact. Like its rival miHoYo’s popular title, Tencent is reportedly aiming to create a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

It’s worth noting that Tencent owns a 16% stake in Elden Ring developer From Software, and Reuters reported that the company acquired the licensing rights for the game after it purchased a stake in it back in 2022. In related Elden Ring news, details on the PC and console game’s upcoming expansion Shadow of the Erdtree have been slim ever since it was first revealed shortly after the game celebrated its first anniversary. A release date has yet to be revealed and time is running out to see if rumors of a February 2024 launch will turn out to be true.

From Software parent company Kadokawa Corporation explained its plans in a financial report, saying it is “pursuing the maximization of profit” by extending the life of Elden Ring IP through DLC releases. Elden Ring has been a critical and commercial success since it first launched. As of May 2023, 20.5 million copies have been sold worldwide, more than enough to give everyone in New York a copy to play.

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