Fortnite Festival Adds Lady Gaga Skins And Songs For Season 2

Fortnite Festival Season 2 will be headlined by Lady Gaga when it kicks off on Thursday Feb. 22, giving us a new punchline to Gaga’s famous “What’s fortnight” tweet from 2019. Lady Gaga is getting the same treatment that The Weeknd got in Season 1–a skin, jam track, and related instruments in the new Festival Pass, and another skin and accompanying bundle of instruments and other cosmetics in the item shop.

Season 2 will bring eight new Lady Gaga jam tracks to the game: Applause, Bloody Mary, Born This Way, The Edge of Glory, Just Dance, Rain on Me, and Stupid Love will be purchasable from the item shop, and Poker Face will be included as part of the Season 2 Festival Pass. We’ll also be playing these new tracks in a new venue–the Season 1 concert hall is gone, replaced with a new, Chromatica-themed venue.

Speaking of the new pass, the premium track on the Season 2 Festival Pass will once again cost 1800 V-Bucks, and it’ll include the Enigmatic Lady Gaga skin and some Chromatica-themed instruments as well as the Poker Face song. The pass’ free path, meanwhile, will include a new drum set, a new aura, and two emotes.

The new Festival Pass
The new Festival Pass

The free track of the Festival Pass only includes three jam tracks this time, down from four free ones in Season 1. But the free songs on the pass, which have all been Fortnite originals rather than licensed music, aren’t popular in Festival anyway, so most folks probably won’t notice the difference–especially with the addition of new, free emotes on the free path.

Just like The Weeknd, Gaga will have a tab in the Item Shop with a large bundle of cosmetics that will stick around for, presumably, the entire season, including a combat-themed Chromatica Armor skin, a Chromatica bass and mic stand, the Stupid Love jam track and the Rain Check emote.

Season 2 of Fortnite Festival will run for exactly two months, ending on April 22.

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