Pokemon Go’s Community Day Schedule Revealed For Next Season

Pokemon Go‘s next season kicks off on June 1, but before it begins, developer Niantic is giving players a glimpse at some of the events happening in the game this summer.

Ahead of the new season, Niantic has outlined Pokemon Go’s Community Day schedule for the next three months. While we don’t yet know which Pokemon will star in each, the events will fall on the following dates:

  • June Community Day: June 9
  • June Community Day Classic: June 22
  • July Community Day: July 21
  • August Community Day: August 31

In addition to the Community Days, Niantic has teased some other events slated to take place next season, including a Raid Day in June and a mystery event in July. Additional events will be announced once the season is underway, but you can see the current slate of events below:

  • Raid Day: June 29
  • Mystery event: July 27
  • Shadow Raid Weekend: August 10-11

In the meantime, Pokemon Go is closing out its current season, World of Wonders, with one last big event dubbed Ultra Space Wonders. The event kicks off on May 23 and introduces three more Ultra Beasts to the game: Blacephalon, Stakataka, and Poipole’s evolved form Naganadel.

Pokemon Go Fest 2024 is also on the horizon. The annual event will take place across multiple dates and locations this year starting in June, and it’ll mark the first chance players have to catch the legendary Pokemon Necrozma.

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