Diablo 4 Is Being Invaded By Treasure Goblins For Its One-Year Anniversary

Treasure goblins are set to invade Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal for each game’s respective anniversaries, bringing with them even more loot and bonus rewards than usual.

Called March of the Goblins, the event will run from June 6-13 and see increased numbers of treasure goblins in Diablo 4 to celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary. Their “greed filled bags are rumored to be richer than ever before,” according to Blizzard, and Greed shrines, which grant increased gold, will also appear more frequently. In dungeons, players will be able to find Treasure Goblins in pairs, with “some tall tales insisting an even larger pack of them together,” teases Blizzard.

But that’s not all. Diablo 4 players will also get to enjoy 25% increased XP gains and 50% more gold thanks to another event, Mother’s Blessing, which will last 10 days in total. Blizzard at time of writing had not released an exact start or end date for the Mother Blessing XP and gold buffs. A number of free cosmetic items will be up for grabs too, including weapon appearances and a mount. Players will have until June 20 to claim the free gifts.

March of the Goblins is coming to Blizzard’s mobile game Diablo Immortal too, which is celebrating its two-year anniversary with increased Treasure Goblin appearances and an anniversary event that will see players earning rewards for completing various weekly tasks. One of Diablo 4’s world bosses, Avarice the Gold Cursed, will be added to Diablo Immortal for players to challenge, as will a mysterious new Legendary Gem that will be granted to all players for free, but must be claimed by June 20. The game’s Trial of the Hordes has been reimagined as the Trial of Plunder, with increased treasure goblin-appearances there as well.

Last but not least, a 36-hour Goblin’s Plunder buff that will increase rewards by 200% from various activities, will be granted to all Diablo Immortal players. However, players get to choose when to activate the buff, and it will only count down while in-game. Players will have until June 20 to activate the buff and reap the rewards. Diablo Immortal’s March of the Goblins event will run June 6-20.

Diablo 4’s latest season, Loot Reborn, dramatically reworked the game’s loot and upgrade systems and has gone over well with fans. The first expansion for Blizzard’s ARPG, Vessel of Hatred, is slated to release in late 2024. Meanwhile, Diablo Immortal is set to reintroduce Diablo himself later this year. The free-to-play mobile ARPG recently introduced its second new class to the Diablo franchise, the water-bending Tempest.

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