Star Wars: Hunters Is Available To Play For Free Now

Zynga’s new free-to-play 4v4 arena shooter, Star Wars: Hunters, is now live on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

The game initially soft-launched in select markets back in 2021 before being delayed (twice). But the squad-based shooter is finally available for Star Wars fans to dive into.

Star Wars: Hunters sees players take on the role of a Hunter on the planet Vespaara, where high-intensity, high-stakes competitions take place in “The Arena,” which features backgrounds that “evoke iconic Star Wars worlds,” according to Zynga. These locations include battlegrounds set in locales ranging from a village of Ewoks to the Death Star itself.

Players squad up in groups of four, facing down enemy teams in third-person combat, and each player can choose from a range of varying Hunters, which can be further customized to suit individual playstyles. Hunters come in three self-explanatory classes: Damage, Support, and Tank. There are currently 13 Hunters to choose from, including Grozz the Wookie warrior, J-3D1 the one-of-a-kind droid, Sentinel the stereotypical Stormtrooper, Rieve the dark-side warrior, and a deceptively adorable pair of Jawa scrappers collectively referred to as Utooni, among others.

Star Wars: Hunters currently includes four game modes:

  • Squad Brawl: The first team to reach 20 eliminations wins
  • Dynamic Control: Teams compete to capture rotating Control Points.
  • Power Control: Squads fight to maintain control of the most Control Points on the battlefield.
  • Trophy Chase: Two teams aim to hold the Trophy Droid (who is named TR0-F33, naturally). The first Squad to reach 100% wins the match.

For more information on Star Wars: Hunters, check out the game’s official website.

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