Minecraft Woobles Are Here To Teach Your Kid How To Crochet A Creeper

Everyone loves building an impenetrable fortress in Minecraft, but wouldn’t you like to craft something with your own two hands? That’s exactly what you’re getting with The Woobles’ new Minecraft line, which allow you to create your own monster from the game with just a little time and effort.

Dropping today, June 5, these Minecraft-themed Woobles allow you create a Creeper, Pig, or Warden using a classic crochet hook and yarn. You can also make accessories like a sword, saddle, or music disc for your new monster buddy.

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Woobles are crochet kits aimed at teaching beginners the basics of the hobby. The brand has already collaborated with a number of big IPs, including Pac-Man, Harry Potter, and Peanuts, so if Minecraft doesn’t strike your fancy, perhaps give them a look.

In other Minecraft news, there’s a Minecraft Lego diorama kit on the way as part of the game’s 15th anniversary celebration. It includes 12 mini-scenes based on the game’s biomes, such as Forest, Dripstone Cave, and Deep Dark. There’s also a Minecraft TV show coming to Netflix, which is a separate project from the Minecraft movie that’s been in the works for a decade-plus.

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