Among Us TV Show Trailer Features A Long List Of Voice Actors, But No Voices

The upcoming Among Us animated series got its first teaser trailer during Summer Game Fest Live on June 7, giving fans of the viral-hit social game a look at how it was adapted for the new medium. The trailer didn’t feature any voice over or dialogue, but it did provide a look at many different crew mates, along with the ominous imposter.

The trailer included a massive voice cast list at the end of it, with notable names like Dan Stevens, Elijah Wood, and Ashley Johnson among the list. No specific date was given, but the trailer did end with a “coming soon” tag. As for the contents of the trailer, it showed various different crewmates witness suspicious actions and an ominous shadow. While the exact plot isn’t clear, it seems to be pretty similar to the game itself, with the crew trying to survive and find the imposter.

The Among Us animated series is certainly not short on voice talent, with veteran actors like Patton Oswalt (The King of Queens), Phil LaMarr (Samurai Jack), Debra Wilson (every video game of the last five years), and Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) also in the cast.

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