Skate Dev Explains New Flick-It System And Its Ever-Changing City

Full Circle, the team behind the highly anticipated Skate reboot, has shared some new information about what players can expect upon its release. This includes a new way to use the iconic Flick-it system, a new approach to soundtracks, and lots of customization options.

Senior gameplay designer Reid Buckmaster explained in a development update that the studio has “done a ton of work rebuilding Flick-it to ensure that every trick feels as satisfying to perform as ever.” Buckmaster explained that the new system will accurately help players perform more-difficult tricks and is meant to be fun and satisfying for everyone.

As the video continued, gameplay software engineer Lance Lawson stated the team has been pushing the limits of the Frostbite engine and has been able to add various new tricks. These include Slappies, Boned Ollies, Quick-Pop Ollies, Wallies, Improved Power Slides, Enhanced Transitions, Pre-Wind Spins, Roll-Ins, Grind Bump-Outs, and Smoother Flip Tricks.

Players can fully take advantage of San Vansterdam (in-game location) by placing objects where they want via Quick Drops. As they progress through the game, they can unlock various items, including customizations for their character, board, and even new objects to place around the world.

Another interesting feature that was mentioned during the development update is that the game will be ever-changing. New parts of the city will be added from season to season, and the music will update based on which songs players are listening to the most. Near the end of the video, it was revealed that console players will be able to get their hands on Skate a bit early by signing up to be playtesters this fall.

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