A Ghost Is Quietly Wandering Around In Fortnite, And It Could Hint At Next Season

There are a lot of strange things in the wastelands of Fortnite. Players and NPCs alike have been seeing a strange, ghost-like figure walking around the game’s map recently, and some fans believe it could could be a tease of what’s coming next in Chapter 5 Season 4 of the battle royale game.

The biggest piece of evidence so far is a replay clip from Reddit user deadering. The clip shows a robed figure with a foggy body walking through a gas station exterior as a gunfight rages around it. A number of other players have also shared clips of the ghost on social media.

“Most of the characters on the island mention seeing a mysterious figure in their peripheral that disappears when they try to look at it,” TheAlmightyNexus wrote in a comment. “Probably that.”

Players have identified the ghost as someone called The Wanderer, a mysterious figure who’s been mentioned by Fortnite characters in previous seasons. He can be seen among all the battle pass characters in the Nitro Fusion Megalo Don loading screen in this season as well. Various characters around the map will also mention seeing something strange, seemingly referencing The Wanderer.

NPCs say they feel like they are being watched | Credit: Epic Games
NPCs say they feel like they are being watched | Credit: Epic Games

There is speculation from leaks that The Wanderer will be the villain for the next season of Fortnite. The main baddyiein this season of Fortnite, Megalo Don, says that The Wanderer is an ally to him and his crew. The Oracle, a guide from last season, mentioned The Wanderer with an ominous tone.

We aren’t sure what role The Wanderer will play this season and beyond, but having a mysterious and untouchable figure pop up through a variety of spawn points in the map is a great way to drum up some interest in Fortnite’s next story beat.

Check out The Wanderer for yourself by going to one of the following locations: He spawns at Coastal Comms, Estate Station, Placid Pumps, Cliffside Lodge, east of Nitrodome, and south of Dam Bridge. He doesn’t always appear, though, so you’ll need to get lucky to see him in any given match.

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