Hearthstone Perils in Paradise Card Reveal: Rogue Eudora Leads A Treasure Hunt

Hearthstone’s next expansion, Perils in Paradise, is launching on July 23. And while the tropical-themed expansion is mostly about kicking back and relaxing on the beach, everybody knows that when you go on vacation, you should keep a close eye on your wallet. Sure enough, the Rogue package for the upcoming expansion has big burgle synergy, with cards that reward you for exercising the old five-finger discount.

The leader of the gang is Treasure Hunter Eudora, a Rogue legendary card (with a lovely Signature variant). The 6-mana 4/5 Pirate has a Battlecry that gives you a Sidequest token, Eudora’s Treasure Hunt. The Sidequest challenges you to play three cards from other classes.

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To help you complete the task, Eudora has brought a couple of scurvy scalawags along with her, and a big spell that will help remove threats while you plan your heist. Sea Shill is a 3-mana 3/2 pirate that gives you a 2-mana discount on the next non-Rogue card you play. Conniving Conman is a 4-mana 4/4 pirate that lets you double up on your stolen goods by replaying the last card you played from another class. And Snatch and Grab is an 8-mana spell that removes two enemy minions–but gets cheaper and more efficient for every stolen card you’ve played.

And your reward for pulling off Eudora’s Sidequest successfully, likely with a little help from her crew, is some incredible loot. You get to Discover two Treasure cards from a pool of 28. Long-time Hearthstone fans will recognize these cards as the treasures available in the now-discontinued Duels mode, now available in Standard play.

The Perils in Paradise expansion introduces a new “Tourist” keyword that allows classes to sample another class’ cards during deck-building. A Legendary card from the next set, Marin the Manager, is now available for free as a login bonus ahead of the expansion launch. Pre-purchases are available in two bundles: a standard bundle with 60 Paradise packs, two random legendary cards, and a Hakkar card back; or the Mega Bundle with 80 packs, 10 golden packs, one signature legendary card, one golden legendary card, and a Hakkar card back and hero skin. Perils in Paradise launches on July 23.

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