Pokemon Go July 2024 Events: Raids, Spotlight Hours, Community Day, And More

July is officially here, and that means a variety of new events to look forward to in Pokemon Go. After a handful of in-person Go Fest gatherings over the past several weeks, the global Pokemon Go Fest 2024 celebration is slated to take place in mid-July, with a few special Ultra Unlock events following later in the month.

That’s not all that’s happening, however. A number of Ultra Beasts and Mega Pokemon will return to raids throughout July, while the electric Pokemon Tynamo will star in this month’s Community Day event.

To help get you up to speed on everything happening in the game this month, here are all the biggest Pokemon Go events in July 2024.

Raid Schedule

A handful of legendary and Mega Pokemon are returning to Pokemon Go this month. After Ho-Oh leaves the rotation on July 8, a number of Ultra Beasts will reappear in five-star raids, including the region-exclusive Stakataka and Blacephalon.

Mega Swampert and Mega Aggron, meanwhile, will return to Mega raids this month, while Shadow Entei will appear every weekend as a special Shadow Raid boss. You can see July’s full raid schedule below:

Five-star raids

June 28-July 8

  • Ho-Oh

July 8-9

  • Guzzlord

July 9-10

  • Nihilego

July 10-11

  • Kartana (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Celesteela (Southern Hemisphere)

July 11-12

  • Stakataka (Eastern Hemisphere)
  • Blacephalon (Western Hemisphere)

July 12-15

  • Buzzwole (Americas and Greenland)
  • Pheromosa (Europe, Middle East, Africa, India)
  • Xurkitree (Asia-Pacific)

July 15-23

  • Articuno

July 23-August 3

  • Incarnate Forme Tornadus

Mega raids

June 28-July 8

  • Mega Tyranitar

July 8-23

  • Mega Swampert

July 23-August 3

  • Mega Aggron

Spotlight Hours

Pokemon Go’s weekly Spotlight Hour events return in July with a new slate of Pokemon to catch and bonuses to earn.

Every Tuesday evening from 6-7 PM local time, one particular Pokemon will spawn in the wild much more frequently than usual, giving you more chances to catch them and stock up on that species’ candy. On top of that, you’ll earn an additional bonus by participating during Spotlight Hour, such as double candy or Stardust for capturing Pokemon.

You can see July’s full Spotlight Hour schedule below:

July 2

  • Featured Pokemon: Pikachu wearing a cake hat
  • Bonus: 2x catch XP

July 9

  • Featured Pokemon: Spheal
  • Bonus: 2x catch candy

July 16

  • Featured Pokemon: Binacle
  • Bonus: 2x transfer candy

July 23

  • Featured Pokemon: Diglett and Alolan Diglett
  • Bonus: 2x evolution XP

July 30

  • Featured Pokemon: Togedemaru
  • Bonus: 2x catch Stardust

Aquatic Paradise

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Pokemon Go is kicking off July with an Aquatic Paradise event. From July 6-9, a variety of water-type Pokemon will be appearing in the wild more frequently, including Clamperl, Frillish, Staryu, and Ducklett. On top of that, the game will offer a new Collection Challenge to complete, as well as a few bonuses like increased Incense encounters and double XP for catching Pokemon.

Inbound from Ultra Space

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Ahead of the global Pokemon Go Fest 2024 celebration, a number of Ultra Beasts are invading raids once again as part of the Inbound from Ultra Space event. Beginning July 8, a different Ultra Beast will appear as a five-star raid boss every few days, giving you another chance to catch these elusive Pokemon.

On top of that, Pokemon Go will offer a number of special Timed Research tasks during the event. Complete these missions to earn various rewards, including additional encounters with the Ultra Beasts. You can purchase a ticket to access this Timed Research through the in-game item shop for $5 USD.

Pokemon Go Fest: Global

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Niantic is capping off this year’s series of Go Fest celebrations with one final Pokemon Go Fest: Global event on July 13 and 14.

As in years past, Day 1 of the event will feature rotating habitats, which will change every hour and bring out different wild Pokemon to catch. PokeStops will also distribute a rotating selection of Field Research tasks, and special Pokemon like scarf-wearing versions of Espeon and Umbreon will be appearing in raids.

Day 2 will not feature any rotating habitats, but all the wild Pokemon from Day 1 will make an encore appearance, giving you another chance to catch them. There will also be other in-game bonuses throughout both days of the event, such as increased Lure Module duration and special surprises when taking snapshots.

Players who purchase a Go Fest ticket will receive a few extra perks as well, including an exclusive Special Research story that culminates in an encounter with the mythical Pokemon Marshadow. You can purchase a Go Fest ticket through the in-game item shop for $15 USD.

Tynamo Community Day

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This month’s Community Day event falls on Sunday, July 21, and stars the electric-type eel Pokemon Tynamo. From 2-5 PM local time, Tynamo will appear in the wild more frequently than usual, and you’ll have a greater chance of encountering a Shiny Tynamo.

In addition to the increased spawns, a few bonuses will be available during July’s Community Day. Lure Modules and Incense will last for three hours rather than their usual durations, and players will earn double the usual amount of candy for catching Pokemon. On top of that, any eggs that are placed into an incubator during the event will hatch at a quarter of the distance they typically require.

Finally, Tynamo’s final form, Eelektross, will be able to learn a special event-exclusive attack during July’s Community Day. Any Eelektrik that you evolve until 10 PM local time will learn the electric-type Fast Attack Volt Switch upon evolving.

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