Genshin Impact Summer Patch Coming July 17, Brings A New Map And New Five-Star Character

Genshin Impact’s summer patch drops later this month and brings a new character, a limited-time map, and multiple seasonal events.

The patch, titled “Summertide Scales and Tales,” will introduce a new map called Simulanka, which features origami animal characters and clockwork towns and trains. The world will also feature various minigames, such as “Metropole Trials” where you’ll assemble teams of characters to take on combat challenges and “Flying Hatter’s Trick,” where you’ll capture toy figurines. Completing these games will earn you Starsail coins which you can spend on displayable figurines in the game.

The new five-star character, Emilie, is a perfumer from Fontaine. She wields a Dendro polearm and deals more damage to burning enemies. Her “Lumidouce Case” regularly deals Dendro damage. Her story quest appears in the later half of 4.8’s Event Wishes (i.e. Genshin Impact’s central gacha mechanic). Navia and Nilou will be available in Event Wishes in the first half and Yelan will join Emilie in the second half.

Heroines Kirara and Nilou get new outfits. You will be able to recruit Kirara for free by obtaining figurines in game and get her outfit plus some new furniture by collecting various items throughout Simulanka.

Genshin Impact 4.8 aka “Summertide Scales and Tales” launches on July 17. If you are playing HoYoverse’s new game Zenless Zone Zero, check out some tips and tricks for playing the free-to-play action-RPG.

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