NoxPlayer announces the upcoming release of a high-performance version for Android 12

The NoxPlayer Android emulator is planning to release a new and improved version in April, specifically designed to be compatible with the Android 12 system across the globe. Android 12 is expected to become a prominent upgrade not only for the emulator but for the Android system itself. With an enhanced design language, new features, and technologies, Android 12 has been shaped around users’ more refined needs, such as long screenshot support and background loading of apps and game resources. Due to the increasing demand for high versions of Android in mobile games, Android 12 is seemingly turning out to be a battleground for future Android emulators. However, incorporating these features has certainly escalated the requirements for emulator adaptation.

NoxPlayer has been the preferred emulator amongst mobile game players and developers since its launch in 2015 for its efficiency, stability, and low resource utilization. As the front-runner in the emulation industry, NoxPlayer is always at the forefront of technological innovation, propelling the industry’s development.

The timeline of NoxPlayer’s technical advancements outlines that

in 2016/Q2, NoxPlayer secured the domestic market’s largest market share in the emulator market.

In 2017/Q3, it covered over 100 countries globally, attaining globalization.

In 2018/Q3, NoxPlayer became the sole emulator to offer Android 7 beta version worldwide while simultaneously supporting three Android versions in the industry.

In 2019/Q2, NoxPlayer became the first emulator to release a 64-bit beta version.

In 2021/Q2, it launched the industry’s first Android 9 emulator that integrated four Android versions in one click.

The latest upgrade of the high-compatibility emulator version for Android 12 will launch in April 2023.

NoxPlayer has devoted massive amounts of time and resources towards research and development in anticipation of the Android 12 release. It will include many new features such as Android Splitscreen, a feature that allows running multiple applications in multiple windows at the same time, as well as new security and privacy attributes, and support for background loading of game resources without interrupting gameplay. As such, NoxPlayer’s Android emulator has undergone extensive upgrades to improve the system kernel, reference components, and support libraries, thereby enabling quick and efficient responses to user demands, offering users an exceptional experience. Unlike other emulator brands that have released Android 12 versions, NoxPlayer’s version has not only vastly improved performance but also received specific compatibility optimization.

The introduction of NoxPlayer’s new upgrade now means that it has integrated the newest Android 12 version into its product ecosystem and is the first emulator to support five Android versions simultaneously. In addition, NoxPlayer aims to provide users with seamless multi-window experiences, privacy protection, and excellent characteristics such as stability, efficiency, and safety. Keep a lookout for more news about the release of NoxPlayer’s Android emulator upgrade by following their official website,, and social media platforms. Let’s prepare to welcome the official release of Android 12.