Play Bleach Mobile 3D on PC with NoxPlayer

Bleach mobile 3D starts another story chapter of Soul Reaper, which is the first 3D genuine MMORPG joint developed by klabgames. With NoxPlayer, players can use the card rotation system to play freely and utilize keyboard mapping to control the skill.

Bleach mobile 3D features many characters for players to control. In an open World Map in 3D, players can freely explore Hueco Mundo anytime on your own!

bleach mobile on pc

Newbies Guide and tips for Bleach mobile 3D

  1. 4 types of gameplay: different mode designates different rewards and game mode, where can get rewards like EXP, Silver Star, Crystal, Character Fragments, and so on.
  2. Gather 13 court guard squad: experience the most Realistic Battle

3. Join an association as soon as possible: It’s important for players to intend to progress much in the game so that you definitely need to be in one association.

  1. Endless Trial: This mode requires players to clear endless stages. when you’d cleared each stage, you will get different in-game items as rewards. You’ll face a boss on the 9th and 10th stage of each floor.The next stage will also be harder.
  2. Equipment-enhanced: remember to upgrade the equipment to the highest level. For the old equipment, you can recycle it to get a refine stone.

Why do you need NoxPlayer?

  1. you can use set the keyboard according to your habit, like WASD as direction, HJKL as different skills. Then you can use keyboard to combat and react as soon as possible. In addition, you can click the left mouse to switch the vision.

2. Write a script to automatize some special scene or action, like enter the Weapon Skill screen with one click. and you can use sync to synchronize all the on you have done. For example, I can record the action of challenge and then synchronize all scene in different screen.

How to Download Bleach mobile 3D on PC

  1. Download NoxPlayer
  2. Open Google Play in the emulator and sign-in Google account

3. Install Bleach mobile 3D