Download TenkafuMA on PC-Get Exclusive Package with NoxPlayer

TenkafuMA, the turn-based strategy game for adults, aims to dominate and discipline your girls as the role of the strongest demon-Caesar, is available to Taiwan, Japan, and the English region. By downloading TenkafuMA on PC via NoxPlayer, people can get the exclusive game package with the rewards of Crystal*1000 and enjoy the benefits of the bigger screen with high-quality graphics.

How to Download TenkafuMA on PC with NoxPlayer

First Method

Second Method

  • Run your original emulator
  • Click App Center on the home screen
  • Find the Cross-server games and click TenkafuMA
  • Install TenkafuMA

How to Receive the Game Package from NoxPlayer

Note: The game package is totally free and exclusive for users of NoxPlayer.

  • Click App Center on the home screen
  • Find Featured and Click TenkafuMA Exclusive Package
  • Claim the rewards (Just enter the code directly when you start the game)