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The Legend of Neverland is an exciting RPG by GameArk Global on iOS and Android, though enemies are markedly less likely to kill your character in this game. Instead, the primary threat against you are the mission timers and the occasional environmental hazards, testing both your DPS and footwork far more than your characters’ durability against enemy attacks.

[Classes / Characters]

There are 4 classes you can choose from Ranger, Swordman, Scholar and Craftsman. Character appearance isn’t locked meaning you can change their gender, hair, skin color, etc. You can create 5 characters per server but spots unlock with the main character level.

Ranger – wields a bow and deals great damage in ranged combat.

  • Arrow Vortex: This skill can apply the hunter marks effect (It will help deal 30 percent of the damage to the target for every 5 seconds and last for 20 seconds) while dealing damage to the target.
  • Arrow Of Shattering: The hunter marks effect is applied to the target when dealing with the damage to the enemies in the front area.
  • Kick in The Roundhouse: The hunter mark effect is applied to the target when dealing damage to the enemies in the front areas and hitting them back.
  • Bolt Shifting: This skill can do three times damage to enemies and immobilize them for 5 seconds. The target will mark the hunter mark effect as a result of this ability.
  • Many Arrows:  The hunter mark effect is applied to the target when players deal five times of damage to the target

Scholar – owns the elements and controls nature due to which he deals damage in ranged combat.

  • Fireball: This skill launches large balls at the target area, causing damage to the opponents within.
  • Freezing Spell: This skill freezes the nearest area into the ice for 1-second when inflicting damage.
  • Sacrifice Of The Thunder: This skill releases a lighting effect when dealing six times the damage to the target area.
  • Pious Light: This skill helps in the healing process at the same rate as the attack.

Gladiator – wields a sword and deals great damage in close combat.

  • Air Raid: Deals with the damage when players get closer to the target.
  • Combo Hit: This skill has a cooldown capability that helps to deal three times as much damage to the enemies in the front area.
  • Land: This skill deals four times as much harm to the enemies in the nearest area.
  • Instability: This skill can cause double damage and hits the target for 5 seconds.
  • Punitive Chop: This skill can launch an energy sword in the front of the target, hitting it back and causing damage.

Craftsman – proficient with long-range weapons and explosives.

  • Blasting Sparkle: This skill directly bast power to the front area causing damage to the target for five seconds, which blocks the healing effects and cause vulnerability on the targets.
  • Flamy Charge: This skill charges to the target position, causing two times as much damage to the target and the nearby opponents, which inflicts vulnerability effect on the victim.
  • Blazing Fire: This skill deal damage every second to the targets in the range of hydra (blocking the healing effects) and cause Vulnerability on the targets for five seconds.
  • Restraint Of Blood: This skill helps deals damage to the nearby enemies while restoring HP equal to 15% that lasts for five seconds. This skill also causes the Vulnerability Effect (the damage increases by 4% for and controls up to 20%) on the victim.

Flower Fairies –  Each flower fairy finds a person for herself and serves him or her faithfully. She becomes stronger along with her master, gains new abilities, and can also change her appearance.

  1. Twin Lotus:  These twins’ characters have similar appearances with different personalities.
  2. Camellia: She is an elegant lady with modern thoughts. She is always worried about what people perceive about her.
  3. Anthurium: He is a handsome man who loves wine more than his life.
  4. Lilium: She is a fearless character who offers a warm smile and believe in achieving her family dream.
  5. Oleander: She is a romantic-kind girl yet dangerous. She is also an independent woman who has a tough mind.
  6. Candock: She is just like lily, who likes staying in water without keeping any connection with the humans.
  7. Balloon flower: She is a desperate and hopeless love character yet an excellent and loyal friend.
  8. Iris: She is like a rainbow, who is gentle and loves cooking and designing clothes.
  9. Gladius:  She is a short-tempered girl who has her idea about justice. At the same time, she also loves food.
  10. Primrose: She has a warm heart and has lost motivation towards her opportunity.
  11. Nymphea:  She is a sensitive nature who wants happiness to return in her. She also uses ruthless words to hide her pain from others.
  12. Ajisai: is an unpredictable character who introduces others with a look of innocence and the curiosity of sharing happiness.
  13. Cornflower: She is an apathetic alchemist character who has no faith in love and always prefer to stay alone.
  14. Marigold: She is a sad kind of girl and believes in luck.


[Mobile Requirements]


CPU processor: Snapdragon 625 and above

Memory: 3GB or above

Remaining storage space in the device: 2GB and above

②IOS: iPhone 7 and above

[The Legend of Neverland Gameplay & Guides]

The Legend of Neverland has more to offer, there are a lot of things to do in this game, and getting bored has no room for this game, there are leisure things that you can do, you can build your own house, plant some crops that you can cook to create your own food. But if you are lazy at farming you can always buy some goods action center, note some foods have buffs that can increase your character stats in the game.

Aside from farming you can also do some mining, catch some insects, and fish, and all the items that you obtained can be used to cook food, craft for yourself, or sell to market to get some profit.

There are a lot of quests that you can complete to earn some rewards, and even the storyline in every quest is good.

You can also enter some dungeons, fight some monsters and some powerful bosses, there are some boss might be too powerful for your level and are nearly impossible to defeat alone, and teaming up with random players or friends has a better chance of defeating a powerful boss.


People who have a busy lifestyle will be pleased to know that Legend of Neverland has an offline farming mode. In Cabala’s wilderness, players can have 360 minutes of rewarding offline farming every day (various other gameplay features are not included). Offline auto farming will consume this set allotted time. The rewarding battle time refreshes at 5:00 AM every day.

Additionally, you can choose monsters of the unlocked areas as the targets for your offline farming. Based on the power difference between you and the target monster, the rewards will be different. The accumulated rewarding offline auto-battle time is up to 2 hours, that is, if you are offline for more than 2 hours.

In the loot preview, you can see the amount of EXP and coins dropped per monster, while the other items are possible loot. When there is a big difference between your level and the monster’s level, the drop rate will decrease gradually to 0%.

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